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20 years of Xbox: gaming and constant innovation icon

On November 15, 2021, the house of Microsoft celebrated 20 years of its iconic Xbox, a console that since its arrival not only changed the world of video games, but also accompanied entire generations of gamers until today.

Turning 20 years old, however, is not only the beloved Xbox, but also one of its most successful titles: Halo Combat Evolved. Both with their release have managed to establish new standards in the video game industry: the Xbox, in fact, managed to place itself halfway between the world of PCs and home systems, an absolute novelty, so much so that we can define the first modern console. Halo, on the other hand, has laid the foundations for subsequent first-person shooter games on consoles, and its legacy is still visible today.

To celebrate this twenty years of gaming passion, Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta has been made available to all members of the Xbox community before Halo Infinite launches in its full version on December 8. And that’s not all, more than 70 titles from the Xbox and Xbox 360 catalog will be made available thanks to the backward compatibility program. The most nostalgic will be able to take a dip into the past by playing real classics that are part of Xbox history.

With 4 generations of unforgettable consoles behind us, Microsoft is keen to emphasize that the most interesting era for Xbox is in tomorrow, which will bring with it innovations and a world yet to be discovered. Surely one of the protagonists of the future of Xbox will be Xbox Game Pass, launched back in 2017, it has only been put in the spotlight in the last year. Developed by the Redmond house, the digital service will surely bring important changes to the habits of gaming houses and players, but the history of Xbox makes us understand that it is not afraid of change and, indeed, that these are precisely its strengths: innovation at the first place.

And for those who are waiting for tomorrow but still want to take a look at the past, from December 13 you can retrace the 20 years of the beloved console through the documentary Power On: The Story of Xbox, available worldwide in the most important streaming platforms.

Mediability, too, would like to extend its warmest wishes to the now 20-year-old Xbox, proud to be able to continue to provide communication services – newsletters, banners, social assets, landing pages and printed graphics for stores – to Xbox and Microsoft in general.


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