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2023 trends

While it is true that the year begins on the first of January, it is also true that predictions about the performance of 2023 did not wait for this date. We live in an age projected on what we will do, where we will go, what lies ahead-we live a present already in the future.

Thanks to – and because of – this trend we are able to predict, well in advance, what trends will be with us.

We can now say with certainty that the events of the last 3 years have irreversibly marked our history. The pandemic forced us into our homes indefinitely, and when the alarm subsided, we retained some practices and, in most cases, improved them.

This is the case with the technology of AR, augmented reality, and VR, virtual reality, which now constitute what is called immersive reality. Integrating this pair into a marketing strategy, for example, means standing out significantly from one’s competitors, ensuring a more direct and “real” approach.

There are so many companies that have relied on this new reality to implement their sales or even just to update their e-commerce channel: this is the case of IKEA, which has introduced the 3D viewer in its stores to visualize what their home could be, accurately selecting the color, size and model of the product, with just the movement of the head.

Even a luxury brand such as Gucci saw the potential in this strategy and created an app that allows people to try on selected items on their person, thus providing an advanced first impression. And in the field of beauty, there is also L’Oréal, which, in order to facilitate online shopping, has created an app that allows you to test different make-up products from your smartphone, simply by turning on the internal camera.

The key words are thus zero distance, immersion and inclusiveness. This last concept, with its gigantic scope, will touch many spheres, including that of the figure of the influencer. Precisely for the reasons mentioned above, the figure of the influencer will also be more real and less constructed. As a matter of fact, their participation in topical issues is expected to increase, using as always the most popular channels.

Speaking precisely of the latter, an additional novelty planned for this year should be noted, related to the topic of fake news. Although it seems paradoxical, with what has emerged so far, in the wrong hands today’s technology is fully capable of creating-and dispersing on the web-fake content through the use of the much-discussed Chatbots, a highly touted advanced AI (artificial intelligence) that promises content generated through our suggestions and requests.

We just have to live our 2023, impatient to see the predictions we have made come true and discover those we have not yet perceived on the horizon.


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