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Peach Fuzz: the peaceful shade of the year

Color can be linked to a person’s emotions and influence their physical and mental well-being. Colors, which are powerful allies in the communication process through imagery, create an intrinsic connection between body and psyche that can define us. Moreover, they are undoubtedly a useful tool for stimulating creativity and curiosity; for many, colors are a way to represent their mood or even their personality.

Non sorprende pertanto che sia così tanto atteso il momento, che oramai si ripete da 25 anni consecutivi, della scelta del colore dell’anno. L’idea che possa esistere un colore specifico, dedicato all’anno che è a punto di iniziare, fornisce tante idee e crea connessioni in tutti gli ambiti della vita, proprio per la sua forza “emotiva”. È proprio l’Autorità internazionale del colore a decidere la cromia dell’anno: il Pantone Color Institute che opera nel business del colore da più di 60 anni ha creato il programma “Pantone Color of the year” per catturare l’attenzione sul rapporto fra cultura e colore ma anche per unire designer, brand e consumatori. Per il 2024, il così detto colore pantone è il Peach Fuzz.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the moment of choosing the color of the year is eagerly awaited. This tradition has been repeating itself for 25 consecutive years now. The idea that a specific color is dedicated to the upcoming year generates ideas and connections in all aspects of life, precisely because of its “emotional” strength. The International Colour Authority decides the colour of the year: the Pantone Color Institute, which has been in the colour business for more than 60 years, has created the ‘Pantone Colour of the year’ programme to draw attention to the relationship between culture and colour but also to unite designers, brands and consumers. For 2024, the so-called Pantone colour is Peach Fuzz.

It’s “an enveloping peach shade on the border between pink and orange, incorporating a sense of enduring belonging while simultaneously creating spaces where we can find ourselves, heal, and thrive,” according to the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. Peach Fuzz perfectly captures the goals and needs that 2024 fervently aspires to implant in a vibrant and dynamic society where people’s yearning for comfort and, most importantly, empathy is developing.

Among the realities most influenced by this annual event, we certainly find fashion and interior design, as they have, more than others, an intrinsic connection with color. In 2024, Peach Fuzz will color many aspects of life, finding numerous uses, from coloring walls and clothes in this serene shade to its use in everyday objects. Numerous furniture and upholstery brands and fabric manufacturers have started collaborations with Pantone to exploit the versatility of this color. Among the most striking cases there is Ruggable, which decided to create indoor carpets and doormats in a limited-edition featuring Peach Fuzz, and Spoonflower with wallpaper that specifically echoes the Pantone Color of the Year.

Last but not least, Polaroid which focuses to find instant beauty in everyday life through increasingly creative methods. And what better way to use a color that, more than any other, aims to create vitality and hope, as well as connect people through a purely visual element.

Whether it’s about design, fashion, or simply visual communication, Pantone’s choice for 2024 is with no doubts, a topic worth discussing and analyzing as it aims to enhance certain products and increase interest. Peach Fuzz, between pink and orange, invites each of us to explore more deeply the beauty and positivity that can be encapsulated in a single-color entity, in this case, a peach shade.

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