Acer and Alfa Romeo, the unusual teamwork: Enduro and ConceptD

14 September 2020

In today’s cars, especially racing cars, technology is a fundamental element. For this reason Alfa Romeo Racing and Acer have started a successful collaboration in the name of excellence and high performance, which combines values dear to both companies: resistance, speed and power.

The famous tech brand, already one of the leaders in the Italian market for electronic products, now supports Alfa Romeo by supplying the technology it needs in the most complex and demanding moment – the race – but also in the previous phases, of which the actual race is only the tip of the iceberg and which conceal months of intense design and testing work.

Acer has in fact developed two products which have been adopted by Alfa Romeo Racing and which share with the Italian brand the values of efficiency and high performance. We are talking about the new Enduro and ConceptD solutions.

Acer Enduro: all features and specifications

Acer Enduro computers are built by Acer to withstand the most extreme conditions, such as scorching heat, driving rain and accidental drops. In addition, they have been certified for intrusion protection (IP) and have undergone military-grade testing. Thanks to this, Alfa Romeo Racing knows it can count on a reliable ally even in difficult racing and travel conditions, capable of performing complex tasks in any condition.

While the cars are racing on the track, away from the spectators another equally crucial race is taking place to make sure everything runs smoothly, and ACER was the best partner in this regard in terms of guarantees.

The conditions under which the team works can vary, and the hustle and bustle of the “behind the scenes” environment brings about a pace that a normal computer could not sustain. That’s why the Acer Enduro, which has been designed to withstand the physical conditions that can occur in the pits and has passed the most demanding tests to reach IP65 protection standards, proved to be optimal.

According to Beat Zehnder, Sports Director of Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN, “The setup and set-up is a race behind the scenes, not visible on television. Acer Enduro is a very durable product and we need these products because we travel all over the world and work in different conditions.”

Alfa Romeo and the fusion with ConceptD technology

As mentioned, the game is not played entirely on the race track. The cars you see racing on the track are the result of months and months of design, study and testing to ensure the highest performance. For this reason Alfa has also found an ideal partner in the Acer ConceptD, which has made high performance its strong point.

Acer ConceptD workstations and monitors are designed to process incredible amounts of data with unbeatable speed and security, removing the boundaries between people and technology. And what better testing ground to test the power and precision of ConceptD solutions than with an industry leader, in one of the most technologically advanced and above all competitive sports?

Alfa Romeo Racing has been able to count on Acer solutions, which guarantee maximum productivity and reliability even in the preliminary phases of car design and planning. ConceptD provides the maximum support possible in the design phases, where power and precision are fundamental characteristics, making it possible to create competitive cars in all aspects.

Frédéric Vasseur, Head of Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN and CEO of Sauber Motorsport, said that with Alfa Romeo Racing “We develop long-term partnerships. It is important for us to work with leading companies in every field. With Acer ConceptD Acer we have found the right partner.”

A double good news for Mediability, which in this way finds itself working at the same time alongside what were already two of its long-standing customers. As far as Acer is concerned, through the care of communication with newsletters and press releases, while on the side of analysis services for Alfa Romeo.