Acer releases ConceptD: a new line for creatives

30 October 2019

Acer, the world’s leading manufacturer of computing devices, is a top player in products designed for educational, business, professional and gaming environments.

At this year’s IFA in Berlin, a new product line was announced for creatives, graphic designers and professionals who use programmes that require a lot of power to run at 100% and achieve excellent results. Just to name a few, we are referring to programmes such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and video creation and editing programmes such as Adobe After Effects. After a great deal of research, it has emerged that this category of people, the so-called ‘creatives’, cannot find lines on the market dedicated to their needs: the devices on sale are in fact intended mainly for the general public, who do not need great performance, and for high performance you have to look at gaming products, thus going to spend a lot of money on features purely for gamers that are not then used.

Acer has therefore created the ConceptD line: the name comes from the idea of a concept that slowly takes shape and is then developed and designed according to the wishes, imagination and interpretation of the creator.

This is possible thanks to products such as the Concept D 9 Pro, considered to be the ‘top of the range’ device in the series: with 32 GB of RAM memory, this is a notebook whose specifications obviously speak of an excellent product in every respect, which thanks to the mobile hinges on which it is mounted can be turned upside down and reclined to allow collaboration between several members of a team.

All Concept D devices feature fingerprint recognition for fast and secure access, are thinner and lighter, and come in stylish colour variants. They also feature Intel processors up to the ninth generation, NVIDIA graphics and the ability to install and use certified professional programmes.

“Let creators be creators’: the line’s launch slogan speaks for itself. It was created precisely to break down the barriers between people and technology, allowing creators to bring their ideas to life without limits and to achieve their goals and perfection in everything they do. Thus being able to reproduce an idea or concept in exactly the same way as it was imagined. Acer is embarking on and sharing the experience of this new journey with all design, video and content creation professionals. It will accompany them, trying to meet their every need, growing and improving with them.

Mediability is also pleased to accompany Acer and all the professionals in the sector along this path, taking care of the communication of the new brand and the organisation of events. In particular, web and social communication, setting up of events and preparation of stands for industry events, creation of banners, brochures and flyers for the brand and for all the ConceptD novelties.