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Adobe launches Photoshop Web: innovation in the world of graphics editing driven by Generative AI

With a focused dedication to the needs of new Photoshop users, Adobe recently introduced the web version of Photoshop, enriching it with a wide range of features based on Adobe Firefly’s generative artificial intelligence. The web version allows creatives and users to access a digital editing and processing tool directly from their browser, without needing to install a desktop application. This exceptional opportunity is now also available to Italian users, offering a powerful suite of photo editing and creation tools for anyone with a Photoshop subscription plan.

The beta phase of Photoshop Web commenced in December 2021, allowing for the continuous refinement and improvement of the user experience. With this evolution, users can work seamlessly between the Web and desktop versions of Photoshop, providing flexibility and access wherever there is an Internet connection. Now, anyone can start new projects from scratch or resume work on existing documents directly from the browser and, when necessary, switch to the desktop version with a single click.

One of the most distinctive features of Photoshop Web is the organization of tools in the toolbar according to workflows, making it much easier to retouch portraits, select objects in images, and apply quick actions. This makes the interface extremely intuitive even for less experienced users. Also, to further facilitate the experience, tool names have been added, providing valuable help for those who may not yet be familiar with Photoshop tool icons.

But what makes the web version of Photoshop outstanding are the new features introduced by Adobe Firefly, particularly Generative Fill and Generative Expand. These generative AI-based tools allow users to add, expand, or remove content from images in a non-destructive way, combining perspective, lighting, and style for stunning results.

With Generative Fill, you can add unprecedented detail to any image. Simply select an area and describe what you want to add in a text prompt, and Generative AI will accomplish your request in seconds. Changing the background of a photo is just as easy with Generative AI: select the background and enter a text prompt to move the subject into stunning scenarios. In addition, Generative Expansion makes it easy to extend an image in any desired direction, while Content-Based Fill and the Object Selection Tool make it easy to remove and replace unwanted elements.

In addition to these flagship features, Photoshop Web offers several other AI-based tools, including the Remove, Curvature Pen, Search for Similar Fonts, Keep Details 2.0, Replace Sky, Object Selection Tool, and Edge Enhance Brush, as well as Neural Filters and many others. These tools harness the power of artificial intelligence to simplify and speed up the editing process.

The web version of Photoshop represents, therefore, a revolutionary step forward in the world of graphics editing. With new features based on generative AI and direct browser-based access, creativity is now free of limitations

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