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Antera is reborn: the confirmation of a winning Italian soul

Spring is synonymous with rebirth, and the month of April has already proved to be full of important news: on 14 April, to open Design Week 2024 in Milan, it was a true symbol of authentic Italian style, roaring through the jaws of a Panther. With great enthusiasm, the G.M.P. Group announced its recent acquisition: the light alloy wheel brand Antera.

Indeed, the automotive sector is about to witness the long-awaited relaunch of Antera on the international scene, which was officially announced during the event through the words of the senior managers of the company that owns the brand, G.M.P Group. Marco Mancin, CEO, and Marco Finazzi, Commercial Officer and Design Director, took the floor to illustrate those special qualities to which Antera owes its prestige, highlighting the importance that the brand has always attached to such cardinal principles as craftsmanship and the utmost attention to the quality of its products and the most innovative technologies. Future intentions and investment plans for its growth and renewal were also presented.

Made in Italy, the absolute protagonist of the occasion, also contributed to the success of the event thanks to another of the great exponents of Italian style in the world: footballer Roberto Baggio was called upon as an exceptional testimonial and, with the tenacity and humanity for which he has always distinguished himself, proved to be the ideal face to represent the ‘No compromise’ philosophy that Antera has embodied since its origins in 1991.

The Antera brand is therefore once again configured as the bearer of an offer of exclusive quality on the automotive market, highlighting concepts such as the confirmation of historical and persistent values, to which the labels of uniqueness and winning continuity can only be attached, and a focus on contemporary and fundamental needs for the future such as sustainability, guaranteed by the totally in-house production for which G.M.P. Group stands out. The brand also presented a new line of products, reflecting design choices that are synonymous with innovation and avant-garde.

For this important national and international brand launch, PressMediaLAB handled the press office and media centre services.


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