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Artificial Intelligence that helps your creativity

Nowadays the interest in AI is grown immeasurably not only in the field of gaming or filmmaking but also in relation to us and it could help us.

But what can she do?

From the first chatbot, Eliza created in 1966, which was created to act as therapist to the latest AI innovations that generate a virtual avatar, the interest in this field has risen in recent days.

Firstly, we need to quote OpenAI, founded in 2015 whose chat solves almost everything. From this have sprung the most popular AI tools that flank many others to try this year:

  • DALL-E-2, introduced in January 2022, is a new AI system able to create realistic images starting from a description in a natural language. Its potential consists in expanding images beyond the way they were drawn in their original design, creating a new composition. It can, indeed, take an image and create several alternatives inspired by the original;
  • Copy AI generates useful textual content, can produce compelling text for the description of the products in e-commerce, write efficient copy for your blogs, social media and your websites;
  • Notion is able to generate newsletters, by entering a title and a topic for a page;
  • Synthesia gives the possibility to generate a virtual avatar. It is able to create an AI video by simply typing a text. It is easy to use, affordable and scalable;
  • Donotpay is a legal services chatbot, originally created to dispute parking tickets, today includes other services as well. In particular, it serves as an AI lawyer;
  • Personal AI creates a digital version, an extension of your mind, specifically creates AI from your memories. It seems surreal to think about, but through the continuous interaction with the chatbot, it will increasly be able to learn from your knowledge, inspiration and experiences. It works like you and answers like you;

But the latest is the most innovative. A prototype chatbot and developed by OpenAI, Chatgpt is capable of creating natural and consistent text content automatically. It is free, accessible in Italian and English. It is based on requests that we can create at will according to what our needs are.

Its potentials are: the fact that it is a very powerful and useful tool, but like everything revolving around AI, it is not enough if you do not have the right skills in using it. The real leverage, though, is imagination.

Through the insertion of context, target audience, and other necessary details, Chatgpt can help your business in no different way. It can create better copy, do research and/or market analysis, create scripts for UGC videos, write by changing the tone of voice of the writing making it more persuasive, and much more.

At Mediability, we are very interested in the world of innovation, staying up-to-date with everything revolving around technology and what’s new in the modern world. Contact us to stay up to date!


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