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Barbie is speeding onto Forza Horizon 5: the movie of the year meets the world of Xbox

The videogame is turning pink among many other news in the collaboration between Barbie and Microsoft.

We’re almost there: the highly anticipated Barbie movie directed by Greta Gerwig is coming to Italian theaters on July 20 and will be released in the USA on the following day. The picture starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the roles of Barbie and Ken is turning out to be the cinematic event of the year and is on everybody’s lips also as a result of its irreverent promotional campaign.

Notably, in the last few days some exciting projects have been announced, bringing together the world of gaming and the pink universe of the most famous doll ever. The first one is a crossover with the videogame Forza Horizon 5 for Xbox and pc: virtual racing fans will be able to download two unique vehicles from the message center for free, Barbie’s pink Chevrolet Corvette and Ken’s GMC Hummer EV.

But there’s more: Xbox has created some must-have collector’s items as well, including skins for wireless controllers inspired by the doll’s most iconic looks. Starting from July 10 there will be a chance to win an exclusive Xbox Series S console built inside the renowned Barbie dream house. Finally, the luckiest fans will receive a set of dolls dressed in perfect Xbox style, paired with miniature consoles and accessories.

Mediability is proud to assist Microsoft with its communication services and can’t wait to continue follow all the latest news from the Xbox universe.


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