“Beginner”: the initiative launched by Helbiz for the safety of shared mobility service

27 September 2021

Helbiz, Nasdaq-listed group (HLBZ) and global leader in micromobility, is continuing its road safety education activities by launching its new “Beginner” initiative.

According to a study by Austin Public Health, the first rides with an electric scooter are the most dangerous, in fact the accident rate is 93% during the first times of use, 30% of which during the first ride. It should be noted that most accidents occur with private scooters, since shared scooters are constantly monitored and are not tamperable in any way.

Helbiz, in order to decrease the probability of an accident during the first rides of new users, has decided to insert the “Beginner” mode automatically on all its scooters, which can be manually deactivated by the user himself, except for those who are first-time users.

With this mode, the user will travel at a reduced speed of 15 mph for the first three trips and have parking control by an operator.

Helbiz therefore continues its commitment to road safety education, working alongside the police in every city in which it operates, insuring each vehicle and participating in raising awareness of the correct use of its fleet, promoted by the company itself also in Italian schools.

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