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Bereal: the social of reality

Already active since 2020, BeReal, literally “Be Authentic,” is the social networking site developed by French entrepreneur Alexis Barreyat that is gaining popularity among teenagers around the world. Still not very popular in Italy, it is momentarily enjoying the greatest success in the US.

To the uninitiated, it might seem like yet another social network homologated to others, but what is striking about BeRea lis precisely its original and unprecedented format. In what, then, lies its uniqueness?

The app asks users every day, for one time only and always at different times, to post one of their photos, allowing a maximum time of 120 seconds to do so. The photo must be taken from the very phone on which the notification is received, and this implies that no changes can be made in any way, either through the use of filters or other retouching apps. In addition, the photo content remains available only during the course of a day, and then disappears altogether the following day. The goal? To provide a more truthful contact with reality, completely eliminating all forms of artificial content, typical of large social. In addition, the app aims to make young people understand that the image one conveys online does not necessarily correspond to one’s “real” version and that through the use of BeReal one can eliminate this barrier of fiction.

Another great advantage, also common to Instagram, is that only selected users can see the content of a particular profile. Just set your profile as “private” via the dedicated option in the privacy section. You can, for example, create a list from your phonebook and accept only friends and acquaintances.

Another similarity with Instagram is the ability to leave reactions and comments under photographs of one’s contacts, with the help of RealMoji, selfies in which one simulates classic emoji expressions with one’s face. The BeReal experience is also supported by the antiscroll mode, which completely eliminates the hypnotic contemplation of social media, which is often addictive. Thanks to antiscroll, the so-called FOMO (“fear of missing out”) effect is also prevented, which consists of a form of social anxiety characterized by the fear of being excluded from various experiences and the need to continuously stay up-to-date on the lives of others.

Ultimately, BeReal invites its users to total transparency and through the fleeting nature of its format entices young people to download the app to try a new virtual experience. Alexis Barreyat’s hope is to reduce the time that so many users, especially teenagers, spend in front of screens by limiting their use of social media to a few minutes a day, experienced in full authenticity.

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