Jeep, the 4×4 winks at the electric: here is the new Wrangler 4xe

26 July 2021

Absolute symbol of an entire sector, Jeep has recently decided to change step: the historic U.S. brand embraces electric and becomes from now on plug-in hybrid. After the announcement arrived in the last months of 2020, the new Jeep Wrangler 4xe has finally landed on the market, a range resulting from a new concept of […]

François – Stellantis – and Boeri, an ambitious project for Turin: the dialogue at the World Environment Day 2021

19 July 2021

It was an unusual dialogue, the one staged on the occasion of World Environment Day 2021. The protagonists were Olivier François, CEO Fiat and CMO Stellantis, and Stefano Boeri, architect and urban planner, creator of the Bosco Verticale. A real web talk on how architecture can help to redesign the cities of the future and […]

Helbiz Live introduced: Mediability participating, supporting this new reality

12 July 2021

The last few weeks have seen a brand stand out as a major protagonist of the moment, in terms of growth and expansion in multiple sectors interconnected to that of origin. We’re talking about Helbiz, an Italian-American company and leader in urban micro-mobility. A focus on safe and sustainable transport that is being integrated with […]

Windows 11 coming in the next few months: all the details about the update

5 July 2021

Microsoft is preparing for a new, huge revolution: this is the certainty after the event held in late June, in which the American giant has made the official announcement of a major update to its famous operating system. Windows 10 will soon become Windows 11. A transition that will take place from the end of […]

E3 2021: the Games Showcase of the Xbox-Bethesda couple charms everyone

28 June 2021

The 2021 edition of E3, the famous annual fair entirely dedicated to the world of video games, has just ended. While still having to deal with the current global situation, the long-awaited Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 to be precise) has proved a real success even in virtual mode. From Saturday, June 12, through Tuesday, June […]

Davide Valsecchi new testimonial of Horizon Automotive, Mediability client

21 June 2021

The choice of long-term car rental as an alternative to buying continues to be increasingly successful among Italians. Despite the pandemic, the forecasts for 2021 are decidedly encouraging given the expected increase of 19%. One of the new realities that is recording steady growth in the sector is Horizon Automotive, the first Mobility Hub in […]

Xbox Game Pass Fest on June 7 and 8: the rumor of Xbox France

7 June 2021

The Xbox brand, and more generally the whole Acer world, have distinguished themselves in recent years for the countless number and recurrence of special events dedicated to their respective communities of fans: sometimes it was an in-person event, in other cases online, but there was certainly no shortage of opportunities to unveil news or bring […]

Acer Global Press Conference 2021: all the news unveiled on May 27

31 May 2021

Also this year Acer plays a role of absolute protagonist in the technology sector and demonstrated it at the Global Press Conference held a few days ago: Thursday, May 27. A particularly eagerly awaited event that was a huge success, despite having to deal with the current situation and structure itself accordingly. The Acer Global […]

Acer supports Save The Children: here comes the “Kimi’s Creator Challenge”.

24 May 2021

New beneficial work by Acer, which through its official partnership with Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN has decided to take the field alongside the famous Save The Children association. For this reason, Acer has launched a new design competition in collaboration with Alfa Romeo Racing, Sparco and the famous Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonen. This is […]

Ordine degli Psicologi del Piemonte: all the Press Releases published in 2021

17 May 2021

Since 2020, Mediability is happy to collaborate with the Order of Psychologists of Piedmont (OPP), a body that cares deeply about the needs of the individual, the community and the territory. As of January 2021, this fruitful collaboration has already produced five press releases. Many different, but important and very topical, issues have been addressed […]

Red Bull The Brawl: in progress the third edition of the tournament, Predator technical sponsor

10 May 2021

The second edition turned out to be breathtaking; the third one is not disappointing the expectations. In these days is taking place one of the most exciting and interesting virtual tournaments in the panorama of eGames. It is the Red Bull The Brawl, the tournament based on the game Hearthstone, in its third edition. The […]

Acer Predator, Sim Racing Cup 2021 starts: qualifications, dates and modes of the eSports event

3 May 2021

Less and less is missing to the start of an event of absolute resonance for the world of eSports: the Acer Predator Sim Racing Cup 2021. It was the same Acer in recent days to disclose the official news: the exclusive tournament for true fans of motorsport and virtual gaming will be done, consolidating the […]