Bosch C.E.S. – Artificial Intelligence that protects

10 January 2020

Bosch is synonymous with technology and innovation; for more than 130 years it has been accompanying us in making our daily lives safer, greener and smarter.

Every year Bosch presents its innovations at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, bringing us closer to an increasingly connected future and giving us a new key to using technology that is becoming increasingly interactive and intelligent.

According to Bosch, we have reached a turning point and the decade that has just begun will be the definitive one for the use of artificial intelligence in everyday life. And at CES, Bosch is giving us a sneak preview of what’s to come…

The first innovation presented is the Virtual Visor, a transparent LCD device with a camera that can analyse the driver’s view and protect him from light. A sort of virtual sunshade that won the Best Innovation Award.

The SoundSee, intelligent ears for the International Space Station, which can detect anomalies by capturing ambient noise in space, will also enhance driver safety. Still on the subject of safety, Bosch is presenting the Light Drive optical system for smart glass, glasses made intelligent through a projection system consisting of MEMS mirrors and sensors.

Another area of great interest for Bosch is autonomous driving, the Bosch ioT Shuttle offers a different kind of mobility, electric and driverless, and in the area of safety sensors Bosch presents Lidar (light detection and ranging), a distance measurer based on long-range laser and is the third technology for the development of autonomous driving after radar and cameras, in fact on the market will be made accessible to all and will be integrated into many vehicle models.

“These solutions demonstrate without a shadow of a doubt that Bosch aims to become an innovation leader in AI as well. By 2025, all Bosch products will contain artificial intelligence or will have been developed or manufactured with the help of AIˮ said Michael Bolle, member of the Bosch Board of Management.

Bosch makes real what was unimaginable until very recently: it makes us safer, faster and more environmentally friendly. And for us at Mediability he is always a very stimulating client: editing his press review gives us a taste of a future that we like, interesting, dynamic and environmentally friendly.