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Bosch, leading company also in social issues with #LikeABosch

Not only high-quality technologies and services make the German multinational Bosch a leader in its field. In fact, every year Bosch makes economic, environmental and social commitments through various projects to safeguard present and future generations.

Particularly noteworthy is the #LikeABosch charity initiative in collaboration with Nico Acampora, founder and president of PizzAut, a non-profit organization dedicated to the employability of people with autism, which opened its first pizzeria in Cassina de’ Pecchi in 2021. The collaboration with Bosch begins in December 2022 sharing the project of responsibility towards diversity and inclusiveness. Out of this synergy comes the #LikeABosch limited edition pizza, a refined recipe with ingredients including Munich sausage and potato chips, typically German, symbolizing the collaboration between the two project partners.

The customers who tasted this pizza not only did themselves good, thanks to this gourmet recipe, but they also did good. The German company, in fact, decided to double the proceeds from each #LikeABosch pizza sold, thus contributing to the fundraising for the construction of the second location.

And so it is also thanks to Bosch that the second PizzAut is opened in Monza on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day. President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella was invited to cut the ribbon of the new venue. For this distinguished guest a dedicated pizza was again designed, just as special, which bears the name: “Article 1 – Italy is a democratic republic founded also on our work” with burrata and cherry tomatoes from property confiscated from organized crime.

At Mediability, we are proud to be Bosch’s partner and to be able to support, with our press review and analysis services, the communication of a company that is a leader in its target market and in social issues.



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