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Brand Reputation: how to make your firm's reputation the key strength of your business

In our current society, which is increasingly globalised and interconnected, the role of the brand reputation is more crucial than ever in order to stand out among the multitude of firms participating in the global market. The overall opinion that the public has of a firm is one of the crucial criteria for its success, in particular with reference to the so called ‘’social proof’’, one of the Cialdini’s six persuasion laws. This idea is referred to the human tendency of associating a positive judgment to an object just because we have previously heard good opinions about it, so personal opinions are influenced by ‘’what everybody says’’. Consequently, social media are useful tools for firms which want to stand out and present themselves to the increasing number of social users. Furthermore, listening to clients’ feedbacks by checking the reviews written on the web could be a winning strategy to build more credibility in people’s eyes.

A further useful tool in order to strengthen the brand reputation of a business could be the creation of an updated blog, including articles which are true to the firm’s values. Communicating transparently the firm’s goals and beliefs could surely increase the trust of the public, which is fundamental in order to retain clients and acquire new ones on the basis of the previously created reputation.

It is crucial that clients are able to trust a certain brand, hence also an efficient customer service is of key importance in order to demonstrate the firm’s interest to satisfy clients’ needs. Furthermore, the brand has to create a recognisable image, defining certain elements that can be associated just to that specific brand. The uniqueness should be the strong suit of every business and a strong brand reputation is exactly what your firm needs to stand out and become exclusive.

If you need any help in the development of a brand reputation which stands out from the crowd, you should contact our team to learn more about the best communicative strategies that we could implement to support your business to stand out in people’s eyes.


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