Brand reputation: the importance of listening

5 July 2019

In a market full of competitors, it is important to be able to make a difference. How?

First of all, a company must be able to listen to its stakeholders, i.e. to understand their perceptions of the company (and its products) and to understand the factors that drive them to buy.
In fact, behind every purchase there are conscious and unconscious motivations that are much deeper than we are used to thinking, and which very often act without us ‘consumers’ being aware of them.

Among these motivations is certainly the one that can be translated in Italian as ‘corporate reputation’, and which concerns how this is perceived by ‘others’, i.e. by consumers or potential consumers. Having a high brand reputation means that the consumer can trust you and is happy to buy your products or services.
To strengthen and maintain the brand reputation, i.e. the way the brand is perceived, a thorough analysis is needed, done on several levels:

  • Web monitoring: carried out in real time, it allows you to eliminate possible fake news.
  • Social media monitoring: all mentions and posts related to your company are analysed.
  • Press monitoring
  • Video and audio monitoring: monitoring of radio and TV stations 24 hours a day

Given the complexity of the market and the media, this analysis should be carried out by an experienced and competent team. In fact, all news has an amplified media resonance nowadays, and if not managed correctly it can worsen brand reputation and negatively influence potential customers. The most avant-garde companies cannot afford to underestimate this aspect, and this is why companies such as Mediability can help you follow all the phases of this type of analysis.