Businesses and Social: how to make the most of your business page

27 May 2019

Nowadays, more and more people are present on social networks. Some 680 million people log on to Facebook every day, 500 million to Instagram, 9.6 million to Twitter and 78.8 million to LinkedIn.

The possibilities offered by the web are many. First of all, it is within reach: whereas up until ten years ago, you needed a computer and a telephone line to connect to the Internet, today all you need is a smartphone or a tablet. Social networking also makes it possible to reach targets of all ages. According to the latest data, people in their thirties are the most present users on social networks, while those over 55 are constantly increasing. It is therefore wrong to think that young people are the main users of the web.

In this context, it is clear how important it is for a company to be present on these platforms, which are part of a targeted communication strategy. Social networks allow companies to maintain their image and increase their visibility.

However, managing a social page may not be easy. You have to decide which strategy to adopt and what message you want to convey. The web presence must be followed and maintained through the creation of advertising campaigns, the publication of posts and so on. It is a real investment that requires time and work, but if it is used in the best possible way, it can only benefit the company.

How to have an interesting and well maintained page?

To start with, it would be useful to draw up an editorial calendar, i.e. to plan when and what to publish. This can be done with a simple Excel file, possibly from month to month, so that you have an overview of your social programming and can see which posts work and which do not. Facebook (as well as many apps designed to manage social pages) allows you to schedule posts in advance directly on the platform. In this way, you can devote a single day to managing your page and you won’t have to think about it for a long time, leaving room for the company’s other activities.

Once the target audience has been identified, in order to build customer loyalty, it is possible to create weekly appointments, such as columns. These appointments create a certain amount of expectation, since our visitors know that the column they are interested in will be published that day.

Finally, in order to reach new potential customers, social networks allow you to use so-called sponsored posts (such as those offered by Facebook, Instagram, but not only): in this case it is very important to think carefully about which posts you want to sponsor. They must be attractive enough to encourage the visitor to take the desired action, i.e. like the post, click on the link, start following the page, etc… These objectives are set at the time of creating the sponsored post, such as the budget and the targeting of the audience to which the post is addressed, which must be well defined if you want to achieve greater results.

If all this becomes difficult to manage, you can think of turning to professionals in the sector, who will take care of your social profiles for you. The social media manager is the figure to refer to: his job is to create content, identify the target audience and, more generally, take care of the presence of a company on the web. If you don’t know one, Mediability will support you in all phases of this process! Rely on us for an all-round consultancy for your communication!