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Carota Boys coloured the Nuvola Lavazza during the Australian Open 2024 final

An unforgettable event marked the day of Sunday 28 January 2024, a date now destined to become history in Italian sport.

In fact, on the occasion of the Australian Open 2024 final, which saw Jannik Sinner win the first Slam of his career in the hard-fought match against Daniil Medvedev, an orange crowd led by the Carota Boys coloured the Nuvola Lavazza in Turin. It was not even 8 a.m. when the gates of the iconic venue opened to welcome the more than 1,000 tennis fans who had flocked to support the young Italian champion, even from thousands of kilometres away, in front of the specially set up maxi-screen.

The absolute stars of the event were the Carota Boys: the group of young under-30s, great fans of tennis and especially of Jannik Sinner, who drew inspiration from a gesture of the South Tyrolean tennis player and has now become famous all over the world, making the carrot a true icon. The six friends from Revello passionately follow the champion in his challenges around the world, but for this historic event they were present at the Nuvola Lavazza leading a cheering crowd.

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