CASE STUDY: Will it blend?

10 April 2018


You’ve probably heard this phrase before. In fact, it’s the slogan of one of the most viral campaigns ever!

? How does it arise?

With the release of every new blender model, it is standard practice in Blendtec’s laboratory to test its effectiveness and power by introducing a wooden board. When new marketing director George Wright heard about this, he thought it wise to capture it on video and post it online.

The reaction was impressive and people started suggesting absurd objects to put in the blender to test its hardness. From there, a campaign that started with an investment of $100 went viral. Blendtec’s YouTube channel now has over 800k subscribers and 18 million views of the most popular video of them grinding an iPad inside the blender.

Tom Green with ipad

What started as a marketing campaign to sponsor a new blender model has become a real show and the company has received features in the world’s most famous newspapers as well as on TV channels such as History and the Discovery Channel.

? What are the success factors?

▪ Authenticity: the videos are real, some shot in livestream.
▪ Risk-taking: it certainly takes courage to smash a pair of Nikes, an iPhone or a PS4 video game on video and post it online. Social media reserve no mercy for anyone. Yet, despite being very borderline, the videos have been an indescribable success, and this is because the objects involved are always popular objects. However outraged a small proportion of consumers may be, the curiosity to see what happens to an iPhone in a blender is high.
▪ Consumer involvement: In the early days, Blendtec sent out an email asking for suggestions on what items they should put in the blender. Even today, thousands of suggestions come in through an online form. They created a community.
▪ Cost: The production of the videos has a negligible cost. The only expensive elements are the objects to be blended. The cost is repaid by the partnership with Google Adsense because of the amount of views.

Everything is perfect, to say the least, but the question that arises is: how does this translate into numbers?

In a 700% increase in sales.

Not bad, huh?!

tom green smoothie