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Aurora Pen writes a new chapter: inaugurated the Boutique in Milan

An exciting new chapter enriches the long history of Aurora Pen. A leader in the production of writing instruments, the company is continuing the growth that has characterized recent years: founded in 1919, the historic Turin-based manufacturer has written Italian history for more than a century and continues to do so by renewing itself while […]

A Covid risky Christmas: how does marketing evolve

At this time in history, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all our certainties are gone. Consequently, this year, more than ever, Christmas takes on an even more symbolic and profound value, leading us to appreciate all that is important to us: family and our dearest affections. Despite the state of perpetual uncertainty in which we […]

Social Media Trend: what does the 2021 report show?

As we all know, whatever happens in our lives has consequences. The Covid-19 pandemic is no exception. Therefore, great consideration must be given to the effects that will still be present in society once the virus is defeated. The mind of the consumer has undergone profound changes during this period, changes that will persist and […]

Sustainability as a marketing strategy

A company can focus on various factors when promoting its product: from practical and functional features to the status the product allows the customer to achieve, from innovation to sharing the same values as the target audience. There is, however, one marketing and positioning strategy that has been gaining ground in many sectors in recent […]

Architecture of choices and purchasing behavior

We have all asked ourselves at least once what happens inside our mind when we enter a place, whether physical or virtual, with the intention of buying something and we end up buying something else or more than what we actually have. it would help. In many cases, variables that are not so clear to […]

The magic behind web pages: what is the Call to Action?

How many times have we succumbed to the temptation to subscribe to that interesting newsletter? And how many times have we visited a site or a blog following a reading of an intriguing post? Or have you decided to download the application suggested by an advertisement? Regardless of our interest, there is a secret that […]

Profession: copywriter

Every day we come across advertisements, videos and slogans of all kinds, without ever stopping to think about who might be the mastermind behind those catchy puns? We are talking about the figure of the copywriter, one of the many professions in the world of communication that has acquired an increasingly important role in modern […]

Sensorial marketing: how to better use it in your communication

Since the 1950s, modern society has been influenced and directed by advertising: the way we dress, comb our hair, live and much more have been dictated by ever-changing advertising standards. Every day we come into contact with thousands of advertisements without hardly realising it and we are also influenced unconsciously. From the company’s point of […]

Profession: Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is the professional figure responsible for managing a company’s social network activities. The job of the Social Media Manager is to grow the brand’s online presence, improve brand awareness, create customer engagement and participation, generate contacts and, last but not least, build audience loyalty. After identifying your target audience and studying […]

Acer releases ConceptD: a new line for creatives

Acer, the world’s leading manufacturer of computing devices, is a top player in products designed for educational, business, professional and gaming environments. At this year’s IFA in Berlin, a new product line was announced for creatives, graphic designers and professionals who use programmes that require a lot of power to run at 100% and achieve […]

Mediability reports on the latest big news from Microsoft

At a special event held on 2 October in New York, the American giant Microsoft, a company with long experience in the field of innovative technologies, unveiled all the new features of its entire range of Surface products, which are characterised by their small size and ultra-thin profiles. We then get to know the Surface […]

How best to advertise a restaurant to ensure its long-term success

As time goes by, the restaurant industry has become increasingly competitive and to be successful in this now battlefield, you really have to go all out. Knowing how to cook is important, there is no doubt about it, but are we really sure that it is enough to guarantee long-term success and stability? Nowadays, pizzerias […]