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Davide Valsecchi new testimonial of Horizon Automotive, Mediability client

The choice of long-term car rental as an alternative to buying continues to be increasingly successful among Italians. Despite the pandemic, the forecasts for 2021 are decidedly encouraging given the expected increase of 19%. One of the new realities that is recording steady growth in the sector is Horizon Automotive, the first Mobility Hub in […]

Xbox Game Pass Fest on June 7 and 8: the rumor of Xbox France

The Xbox brand, and more generally the whole Acer world, have distinguished themselves in recent years for the countless number and recurrence of special events dedicated to their respective communities of fans: sometimes it was an in-person event, in other cases online, but there was certainly no shortage of opportunities to unveil news or bring […]

Acer Global Press Conference 2021: all the news unveiled on May 27

Also this year Acer plays a role of absolute protagonist in the technology sector and demonstrated it at the Global Press Conference held a few days ago: Thursday, May 27. A particularly eagerly awaited event that was a huge success, despite having to deal with the current situation and structure itself accordingly. The Acer Global […]

Acer supports Save The Children: here comes the “Kimi’s Creator Challenge”.

New beneficial work by Acer, which through its official partnership with Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN has decided to take the field alongside the famous Save The Children association. For this reason, Acer has launched a new design competition in collaboration with Alfa Romeo Racing, Sparco and the famous Formula 1 driver Kimi Raikkonen. This is […]

Red Bull The Brawl: in progress the third edition of the tournament, Predator technical sponsor

The second edition turned out to be breathtaking; the third one is not disappointing the expectations. In these days is taking place one of the most exciting and interesting virtual tournaments in the panorama of eGames. It is the Red Bull The Brawl, the tournament based on the game Hearthstone, in its third edition. The […]

Acer Predator, Sim Racing Cup 2021 starts: qualifications, dates and modes of the eSports event

Less and less is missing to the start of an event of absolute resonance for the world of eSports: the Acer Predator Sim Racing Cup 2021. It was the same Acer in recent days to disclose the official news: the exclusive tournament for true fans of motorsport and virtual gaming will be done, consolidating the […]

Microsoft presents Surface Laptop 4: available from tomorrow, here’s everything you need to know

It was a presentation highly expected and did not disappoint expectations: it is news of recent weeks, the official launch by Microsoft of its latest product in the field of portable computers. We are obviously talking about the Surface Laptop 4, icon of a new generation of laptops to be discovered, the result of a […]

Horizon Automotive doesn’t stop: here is the new web platform on the site

The recent golden period continues for Horizon Automotive, which continues to reach important goals and to put in place an interesting program: after establishing a partnership with IrenGO, the mobility hub has now also revolutionized the concept of customer relations. How? By launching the brand new web platform, available on its website. The Milan-based startup […]

Microsoft acquires Bethesda: exclusives and news for Xbox Game Pass coming soon

The news was expected and now it’s finally reality: the video game giant Bethesda and its studios have officially become property of Microsoft. A shot long studied and finalized in the very recent period, which is loaded with an importance not only symbolic but effective as regards the market impact. With the acquisition of Bethesda/Zenimax, […]

Horizon Automotive guest by Safe-Drive and Sportitalia: Mediability at his side

Born a few months ago with great enthusiasm and equal ambitions, the collaboration between Mediability and Horizon Automotive is proceeding in the best way and has taken new, remarkable steps. The start-up dedicated to mobility and innovative rental has in fact made its television debut, repeating a few days later. Everything happened during the past […]

Controller Pulse Red and, tomorrow, the Wireless Headset: a restyling month for Xbox

Period of massive news at home Microsoft, and in particular with regard to the new lines of Xbox: after the release of the new consoles Series X and S last year, the time seemed ripe for a partial restyling also from the point of view of accessories. A revolution that was not long in coming. […]

Microsoft 365, offer changes and Microsoft Family Safety arrives: all the news

The attention to details and the care for the customer, with a thought always aimed at facilitating him, are synonyms of usual, serious and winning realities. And it’s no coincidence that at Microsoft, the news never really stops. It’s been about a year now since the famous restyling that took place in early 2020, with […]