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Social Media Trend: what does the 2021 report show?

As we all know, whatever happens in our lives has consequences. The Covid-19 pandemic is no exception. Therefore, great consideration must be given to the effects that will still be present in society once the virus is defeated. The mind of the consumer has undergone profound changes during this period, changes that will persist and […]

Mediability gets a new look: the new website is online

Any successful business, along with a desirable expansion, is aware that a periodic renewal is necessary at any level. In today’s society, this process must also involve the virtual world: social networks have their own specific weight, but the operation must start with the website itself. It is therefore with great enthusiasm and a good […]

Instagram implements Guides: what they are, how they work and who can use them

Instagram did it again. That’s right: another evolution on the part of the social giant, which has implemented its structure by offering users a new function, those of Guides. The news is very fresh, with the official release coming in the last few days. But what is it all about in concrete terms? What is […]

New award for Acer: ConceptD 7 Ezel wins the Archiproducts Design Lifestyle Award 2020

Acer has won a new, perhaps unusual but extremely important award: the ConceptD 7 Ezel has won the Archiproducts Design Awards 2020 in the Lifestyle section. But what is it specifically about? Let’s put this remarkable result into context. Very often nowadays, we tend to focus only on the practical functionality of any object and […]

SPORT AUTO AWARD 2020, what a triumph for Alfa Romeo Giulia: four prizes

SPORT AUTO, the famous German magazine that allows its readers to express their opinions on an annual basis, has recently held its annual vote. What could be described as the twenty-eighth edition of this now traditional event, has brought clear results in terms of the tastes and appreciation of the public, who have chosen their […]

Fiat Nuova 500 wins the coveted “Red Dot Award 2020”

These are days of great satisfaction at Fiat, where all the efforts made over the past few months have led to recognition of great importance. The brand is undergoing a profound renewal, starting with the essential themes that are then reflected in the individual products presented and marketed. And it is precisely this breath of […]

Fiat, another launch: preview of the ‘New 500 3+1’.

The current year is proving to be a particularly important one for Fiat in terms of new developments on the car market. The Italian giant is making significant changes to all its lines and continues to present new models and reissues for a large number of cars. One of those most subject to this process […]

Next@Acer Global Press Conference: 2020 is full of news too

It was a week full of important news, twists and surprises unveiled for the entire loyal Acer community: last Wednesday, 21 October 2020, a new Global Press Conference took place. Specifically, we’re talking about the Next@Acer Global Press Conference. This event was eagerly awaited, but above all with great curiosity, given the fact that the […]

Double news from Microsoft: Surface Laptop Go and Surface Pro X available now

They had been announced some time ago and have finally made their way onto the international market: the latest two creations from Microsoft are ready to surprise and take their deserved stage in the coming months. Two products that combine the tradition of the Redmond brand with the latest technologies available in the PC sector. […]

Microsoft, the Next-Gen: new versions of Xbox, Series X and Series S coming soon

Two innovative and revolutionary gaming experiences. Xbox Series X and Series S: here are the release dates, pricing, specifications and all the details you need to know about the two new consoles. Described as the “fastest and most powerful Xboxes ever”, the information needed to know all the specifics of Microsoft’s most talked about consoles […]

IVECO joins forces with Honda to create S-WAY: here are all the details

A new union has been born between two leading groups in their respective sectors: IVECO and the Repsol Honda MotoGP team. The IVECO S-WAY truck, in fact, will be completely branded for the occasion with the iconic colours of the most successful team in the history of MotoGP. And it will accompany it throughout Europe […]

Acer and Alfa Romeo, the unusual teamwork: Enduro and ConceptD

In today’s cars, especially racing cars, technology is a fundamental element. For this reason Alfa Romeo Racing and Acer have started a successful collaboration in the name of excellence and high performance, which combines values dear to both companies: resistance, speed and power. The famous tech brand, already one of the leaders in the Italian […]