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The new electric Fiat 500 presented in Milan

“Milan doesn’t stop, Italy doesn’t stop, Fiat doesn’t stop, Fiat starts again and does so with a totally new car”, these are the words that Olivier François, FCA’s Chief Marketing Officer, used to introduce the Turin-based company’s new electric car. The Triennale hosted the event, reserved for the Italian press, an important step for the […]

Turin: City of Cinema 2020

It was 1895 when the Lumière brothers changed the history of communication, reality could not only be replicated with an image but could be reconstructed and reinvented; a scene could become eternal and unchanged in time. Cinema is knowledge and information, it tells stories, it imagines the future, it allows us to document and to […]

Sensorial marketing: how to better use it in your communication

Since the 1950s, modern society has been influenced and directed by advertising: the way we dress, comb our hair, live and much more have been dictated by ever-changing advertising standards. Every day we come into contact with thousands of advertisements without hardly realising it and we are also influenced unconsciously. From the company’s point of […]

Acer releases ConceptD: a new line for creatives

Acer, the world’s leading manufacturer of computing devices, is a top player in products designed for educational, business, professional and gaming environments. At this year’s IFA in Berlin, a new product line was announced for creatives, graphic designers and professionals who use programmes that require a lot of power to run at 100% and achieve […]

Aurora writes its future with Mediability

Aurora, a leading company in the production of writing instruments, is the historic brand from Turin that has written Italian history. In fact, Aurora pens, in their peculiarity and in their multitude of models, have marked the 20th century and the early 2000s, accompanying Italians at various historical moments. A few months after the end […]

How best to advertise a restaurant to ensure its long-term success

As time goes by, the restaurant industry has become increasingly competitive and to be successful in this now battlefield, you really have to go all out. Knowing how to cook is important, there is no doubt about it, but are we really sure that it is enough to guarantee long-term success and stability? Nowadays, pizzerias […]

Photo books: the secrets to realize a high quality photo book

Advertising is everywhere, it surrounds us: nowadays, it is even decisive for being a model, especially in the presentation phase and the first approach to the industry. That is why it should be automatic to know every trick of the trade, unwritten rules and basic secrets to get to present yourself in the best possible […]