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Communication and digital marketing: what has changed? 2022 trends

The year 2022 sees a lot of new things coming in the world of communication and digital marketing. We are coming out of years in which the pandemic forced us into our homes and evidently changed our lifestyles as people and as consumers. Indeed, media users are increasingly seeking to regain the human contact that has been lost to the pandemic, and digital marketing is trying to understand how to approach them.

Google’s intent to discontinue the support and help it receives from third-party Cookies has been known for some time now, and it is not surprising that this decision will radically change the work of marketers and the effectiveness of the communication strategies we know.

Not only that: as mentioned earlier, those who have changed, in fact, turn out to be also and above all the consumers – increasingly prosumers (producer-consumers) – of social, who claim control over their lifestyle, their social impact and their physical and mental health. The new inhabitant of social is, therefore, more conscious of his privacy, of what he wants for himself and his environment; he is a user who puts human connections, contact, in a central position at a time when it seems impossible. But above all, he is a “lazy” user who has changed the way he relates to the web.

What do we mean by “relating to the web”? It is clear that 2022 will have to adapt to the digital changes that 2020 and 2021 brought about in the daily use of social and web-based communication, tools that every user has been using for far longer times than in previous years. But let’s see together what are the changes and trends in 2022:

  • Speeded-up search methods: the user no longer carries out searches by writing on the Web as before, but more frequently uses dictation or search by image;
  • Increased use of video: thanks to the Social platforms most in vogue in recent times, the media user has developed the need to take advantage of quick and interesting content at a glance;
  • Immediacy: not only in terms of search, then, but also in terms of receiving the message;
  • Need for creativity: having become prosumer, consumers know how to create goal-oriented videos themselves, and this calls for greater effort in creating innovative content;
  • Ironic communication: communicating through ironic and topical videos is the key to contemporary success, especially among younger people;
  • The user becomes the brand: we saw this first with Instagram and now with TikTok: nowadays it is easier to go viral and acquire thousands if not millions of followers in a short time. Young people mirror themselves in their peers who have succeeded and also appreciate the “branded” content of these users;
  • Live social: from teens who reinvented live to study and talk to their friends-at a time when human contact was limited to the family circle-to influencers, live feeds have now become commonplace for getting closer to one another.

If communication from users changes, inevitably so do marketing tools. To succeed in getting the most out of these new trends, it is important to be aware of them and to get closer and closer to the users’ need. How? Let’s try to compile together a list of useful operations:

  • Investing in online events: webinars, seminars, live;
  • Build creative communication and own style;
  • Stop using imperatives to drive purchase, but get closer to the user, getting to know them and becoming a guide for them;
  • Communicate clearly and simply, preferably through short, high-quality videos and creativity;
  • Personalize: understand what channels my audience uses and personalize the message;
  • Create a story: don’t think about selling your product, but focus on real life, on the real benefits it could bring to the consumer, based on a story they can identify with;
  • Think different: focus on the values that consumers hold dear, such as sustainability, inclusion, diversity.

These are just a few examples and tips. As you could see, the world of digital is constantly changing, and it is important to stay abreast of the changes taking place in this important reality in order to be able to reach more users and be successful.

It is precisely by relying on a communications agency such as Mediability that you will be able to learn about and especially make the most of the latest trends.


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