Controller Pulse Red and, tomorrow, the Wireless Headset: a restyling month for Xbox

15 March 2021

Period of massive news at home Microsoft, and in particular with regard to the new lines of Xbox: after the release of the new consoles Series X and S last year, the time seemed ripe for a partial restyling also from the point of view of accessories. A revolution that was not long in coming.

Today is in fact a day of anticipation, an eve that many want to spend as quickly as possible: tomorrow, March 16, 2021, will be officially available the new Xbox Wireless Headset, a headset specifically dedicated to the world of gaming.

It’s no coincidence that this product was made following the same principles and technologies behind the wireless controllers; and it’s no coincidence that this release concludes what has in fact been a month of major style news. On February 9, in fact, the new Xbox controller Pulse Red was officially launched on the market.

A color variant of the original – and other existing versions – that has been extremely popular, even in its first month of commercial “life”. Bright red body, black buttons and white back: a breath of fresh air at the visual level for Microsoft gaming lovers.


What to expect from tomorrow instead? The Xbox Wireless Headset presents a technical card of the latest generation, considering the amount of details and features that include: among them, integrated battery with fast charging (up to 15 hours of duration with three hours of charging) and two beamforming microphones that improve voice isolation equipped with a button for quick activation and deactivation.

The headset can obviously be connected to PCs and smartphones via Bluetooth 4.2+ and guarantees a winning combination: low latency and incredible audio support via Dolby Atmos, DTS Heaphone:X and Windows Sonic. A truly unmissable product.

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