Being well positioned on search engines and active on social media is now absolutely a must for any Company. But the presence is not enough. In such a vast space, to stand out and emerge is mandatory.

Web Marketing

We are specialized in analyzing the most suitable platforms and the most effective strategies to increase your visibility and to strengthen your brand awareness.
For this purpose, we realize professional websites such as corporate websites, blogs, e-commerce for online sales, management websites to make you independent in content updating, and cheap websites to be used as online showcase for your business.
Websites developed by Mediability are completely “responsive”, i.e. they are able to perfectly fit to any type of device: pc, smartphone and tablet.
We design your site internally handling the graphic and textual communication, user experience and usability for the end user.
The management websites, graphically customised, reside on secure servers and, above all, they are optimised for SEO positioning in search engines, which is a fundamental requirement both for the visibility and the success of your online project.

Social Media Strategy

A large number of Companies makes the huge mistake of dealing with social medias like they would do with traditional communication channels. On socials, emotion is the key factor to success.
The brands with the best social strategies are the ones able to create a personal dialogue with their customers and to let their unique personality come out: users need to be continuously involved and aroused, that’s the reason why the social marketing strategy have to be tailored on their personality.
Our social media team will help you to find the most suitable social channels and will analyse your brand placement in order to study the best strategy for you to obtain a real success in terms of coverage and engagement.
Mediability will take care of your graphic and textual contents, will handle the draft of your editorial calendar as well as the social management, giving you a periodical report on your social visibility trend, both organic and owned.

Influencer scouting and engagement

Social, digital, marketing: everything that revolves around these areas, in recent years has seen the emergence and configuration of influencers as increasingly central figures. An influencer capable of nurturing and maximizing the resonance of the brand, through a consistent contribution of new visibility.
However, not all influencers are suitable for a specific brand, period or product. That’s why it is essential to count on a large database from which to draw, to know how to move and quickly establish direct contacts with these types of figures.
Mediability offers a complete and structured scouting activity: research, selection, direct contact and engagement of the influencer or micro-influencer, selected according to the target audience and the area of interest of the client. A search that can be structured starting from various parameters (number of followers, actual activity, resonance on the territory) and for defined areas: local, regional, national and international.
Profiles can be hired with the formula chosen by the client – payment or exchange – and intended for: advertising campaigns, social content, shooting days or video production, physical presence on site for events with social activity on the personal profile or management of the client’s account.

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