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Davide Valsecchi new testimonial of Horizon Automotive, Mediability client

The choice of long-term car rental as an alternative to buying continues to be increasingly successful among Italians. Despite the pandemic, the forecasts for 2021 are decidedly encouraging given the expected increase of 19%.

One of the new realities that is recording steady growth in the sector is Horizon Automotive, the first Mobility Hub in Italy. The Milanese startup, which has long since begun to invest decisively in digitalization, is becoming increasingly convincing also thanks to its new web platform that guarantees customers a view of the best offers on the market, both for vehicles on stock and to order, and the possibility of receiving an immediate reminder of their preference.

The customer’s time, needs and desires are therefore of enormous value to Horizon, and for this reason the startup goes a step further than simply offering a product-rental, converting it into a truly personalized mobility experience that guarantees continuous advice and support.

In order to further increase its appeal to the public, Horizon has decided to turn to Davide Valsecchi (in the photo), former driver and current Sky commentator for Formula One races, as the brand’s new testimonial. Valsecchi had no hesitation in choosing Horizon because of the combination of shared values, such as ambition, competence, product knowledge, technology, innovation and attention to detail, to achieve together the best performance.

The new partnership immediately generated great interest among the public, also demonstrated by the increased incidence of the digital channel towards end consumers, which fueled the incidence of Horizon’s total sales from 10% to 15%. In addition, the 100% increase in followers on Horizon’s major social channels has even broadened the audience from a geographical standpoint: Lombardy, Lazio and Piedmont are just a few of the regions with the highest incidence.

The beginning of the collaboration with Davide Valsecchi is also a sign of great ambition on the part of an emerging company like Horizon: it is proud to work alongside a stimulating and ambitious company like Horizon in the Press Office activities.


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