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Decathlon gets a new look: all the details on the rebranding of the sports colossus

Two years after new Global CEO took office, Decathlon has decided to innovate with a new market positioning, a new visual identity and a brand purpose more modern than ever before. With this new strategy, the French company has decided not only to position itself as a retailer, but also as a manufacturer, developing its business model on nine categories, each specialized on specific products related to various types of sports. In addition, four expert brands, brands for experienced sportsmen, featuring more technical products will be added to these: an Rysel (racing bikes), Simond (climbing), Kiprun (running) e Solognac (hunting and hiking). Since 1976, when the sport colossus was founded, the company’s mission has been to make physical activity more accessible for everyone and with this goal in mind, Decathlon has redefined its key points and image.

Purpose and strategy

The purpose, “Move People Through the Wonders of Sport” is to propose active and sustainable lifestyles that are accessible to all and that help convey the joy of participation or the excitement of sport performance.

Indeed, if in the sport’s world the emphasis is often placed on always being a performer, Decathlon overturns this concept by proposing products and experiences that focus on the well-being of its consumers, involving them in a complete and immersive way.

In the new rebranding, sustainability has also been addressed by redesigning each product with its environmental impact in mind, innovating the manufacturing process and using new regenerative materials.

All of this is to implement an end-to-end modernization that moves both from the stores, which will be restructured to ensure intuitive navigation, better display of products through physical and digital displays and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, and from the e-commerce, which will offer a smoother shopping experience.

Other new services offered by Decathlon will include circular hubs dedicated to reparation, secondhand products and rental services, as well as lockers where customers can pick up their orders 24/7.


The new Decathlon logo consists of two cornerstone elements: the wordmark and the symbol, renamed as “Orbit.”

Expressing the company’s goal of pushing the brand into the future, the Orbit communicates the company’s commitment towards achieving a circular economy and emphasizes the feeling of dynamism and movement.

The symbol, in fact, can evoke a mountain, a sail, a wave or even a heartbeat, and the peak that closes the movement indicates the path to new heights.

Additionally, the new bright and energetic shade of blue used is also meant to echo the brand’s credibility as a sports brand.

Call to action

The new advertising campaign payoff, ”Ready to play?”, is a distinctive and impactful call to action, that invites everyone to embrace and ignite the energy and passion for sport that they retain within themselves.

In conclusion, Decathlon is changing and adapting perfectly to a fast-changing world, proposing a new set-up that can be encapsulated by the words of Barbara Martin Coppola: “People need sports,” for their physical but especially mental health.

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