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Digital audio is revolutioning advertising

Digital audio advertising is booming, thanks in part to the explosion of platforms for audio streaming, music enjoyment, podcasts, audiobooks such as Spotify, and some radio stations. This means that companies and brands have new channels to reach new audiences.

In addition, digital audio advertising is increasingly at the center of European marketers’ strategies due to three main factors: the first is the ability to improve media plans, while the second is the possibility of increasing brand awareness and reaching specific audiences, as it allows highly personalized and targeted advertisements to be promoted on platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music.

Third is high effectiveness, as advertisements and jingles inserted between listening to a song in the case of Spotify or combined with podcasts are remembered by a large number of listeners. Subsequently, at least 50% of these take the action of seeking more information about it or making a purchase of the sponsored item.

In addition, the role of personal devices is noteworthy, as cell phones have now taken on a key role in digital advertising: suffice it to say that through it one can reach an audience even while they are busy doing something else-for example, shopping or on public transportation-or on the move, such as playing sports.

Digital audio advertising has become a real accompaniment of the day.

You can reach the right people at any time through the device, even the most specific niches: by tragedizing advertisements you can indeed succeed in reaching any slice of the market.

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