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Disney's HoloTile Floor and the VR experience's new frontrunner

Disney’s new invention has recently been released: HoloTile, the floor that allows people to walk without moving. Lanny Smoot, imagineer – a crasis of the English terms ‘engineering’ and ‘imagination’- is the creator of this new masterpiece that seamlessly blends technological elements with those of creative design.

This new robotic system addresses one of the major limitations of the virtual reality world: the inability to be able to move in the three-dimensional reality reconstructed by the viewers across the boundaries of the physical play area.

The treadmill is structured by hundreds of small, flat-surfaced, movable modules which allow one to move forward independently in any direction one desires while remaining motionless in place, increasing user identification and immersion and obviating artificial programming of the virtual universe or the use of controllers.

This omnidirectional treadmill allows the user to have a much freer and more accessible enjoyment of virtual reality and can be used in various contexts: from the entertainment world to the corporate world. It is also not excluded that soon there may be applications in the home field as well.

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