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Eurovision 2022: the three factors that made it a success

A few days after the end of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 we are talking about it on social media and in the streets of Turin, the city that had the honor of hosting it this year. What if I said that the credit for this is not with the contest itself but with its organization?

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual music festival organized by the European Union’s members. For each nation only one singer or group can participate, and the way of selection is decided by the relevant TV stations of the individual states. In the case of Italy, it is the winning artist or group from the San Remo Festival who take part, and this is why this year it was Mahmood and Blanco’s turn with the song Brividi.

Born in 1956 in Lugano, the festival has been broadcast nonstop every year, and the last edition was held in the Piedmontese capital on May 10-12-14, 2022. Compared to the previous one, which was held in Rotterdam with the victory of Måneskin, the 66th edition tripled the volume of interactions on social media, which exceeded 21 million.  

Its huge following was due not only to the event’s engaging format, but particularly to the way it was managed and organized. Here are the three factors that helped make it a success.

  1. Focused use of social media.

Of vital importance in achieving this result was the use of social media for its sponsorship and during its entire run, focusing on TV-social integration. It is, in fact, the most social edition in the history of the competition, with more than 25K mentions recorded and 21.2 million interactions, that are likes, comments and shares. This is the most immediate way for the public to comment and have their opinion heard, but above all it allows people to feel part of the event, thanks, for example, to the possibility of creating a personal ranking to be shared in stories or through the FantaEurovision game, born in the wake of the huge success of the FantaSanRemo.

  • Perfectly designed target audience.

Also very important was the targeting of the audience, which made it possible to adopt organizational strategies aimed at engaging the youth segment. This turned out to be the most appropriate choice because it was seen that the social audience interacted mainly on Instagram and TikTok, the platforms where most users are 16 to 35 years old. In addition, it was decided to focus heavily on the theme of war, a depopulated topic on the media: a sign of solidarity with respect to the current sad situation, but also an ad hoc strategy to arouse emotions and involvement in the audience.

  • Turin cooperates to the fullest.

Not to be underestimated was the huge participation of the host city. Posters were put up at the most strategic points in Turin to inform about the event and create a sense of anticipation and excitement. In addition, the entire Parco del Valentino was set up to allow people to fully experience every moment of the contest. In addition to projecting the evenings on big screens, in fact, live performances by singers, dancers and DJs were organized on the other days.

Organization and sponsorship can make all the difference in the outcome of an event, but only if studied to the smallest detail. If you too want to achieve exorbitant results for your event, rely on experts in the field. We at Mediability communications agency will take care of every aspect, studying the organizational elements best suited to your needs and fulfilling your every wish.


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