Facebook, how Dating will work (without advertising)

17 May 2019

What you need to know about Facebook’s new online dating service announced last week at F8

Among the surprises at Facebook F8 2018, last week’s annual developer conference, was CEO Mark Zuckerberg‘s unexpected announcement of the launch of Dating, the new dating service that winks at Tinder. Well, the news on the subject is not over. New insights have come from Chris Cox, Facebook’s head of product. First of all, the feature requires interested users to create a new, separate dating profile. The new profile will be accessed through the existing Facebook profile, but potential dates will see your special dating profile instead of the standard one. Facebook has no plans to make this app separate, according to a company spokesperson. There’s no firm date on the launch yet, but as Recode magazine reports, a spokesperson said Menlo Park hopes to start testing the feature in the coming months.

Facebook dating

But above all…

First of all, the company does not plan to publish ads alongside new profiles and will not use data associated with a user’s profile or behaviour to target them with ads on other social properties.

How are people matched

Menlo Park will make some recommendations based on interests and other data, such as your location, but there will also be the possibility to find possible matches by ‘unlocking’ groups or events on the platform, which will allow you to connect with other singles who have unlocked those same groups or events.

How does messaging work

The social is also developing a separate messaging section just for Dating and will not use Messenger or WhatsApp. Each person can send the first message, but will only be allowed to send it if the recipient replies.