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Facebook introduces new tools to support non-profits

Facebook continues to expand its fundraising tools and options: the social network has announced a number of new features that will help organisations raise awareness and bring people closer to their causes.

In particular, Facebook will make it easier for brands and public figures to use their pages to promote non-profit organisations.

What does this mean for pages and influencers?

Through the pages, organisations can initiate fundraisers to better promote their causes and, more importantly, to reach a wider audience. Celebrities and influencers will be able to align themselves more clearly with their chosen causes, making the cause they are trying to support more visible and better known.

In addition, the social network also offers the possibility for fundraisers to add co-administrators or moderators to a Facebook group – up to three people in total – to help them better organise the fundraiser.

Already last year it was announced that a “Donation” button would be added to the live broadcast. This is another important element in raising awareness and getting people involved through collaboration with causes.

Facebook’s goal is to empower people to ‘build communities and bring the world closer together‘. The social network has made the promotion of fundraising non-profit, also adding a non-profit mentorship connection platform.

Another step forward, therefore, for Facebook, which in recent months has been at the centre of events that have drawn negative comments and loss of consensus. Could this be a way to stay in the good graces of its members? Certainly, focusing even more on non-profit organisations and using resources to support their causes is a good way to gain approval and to make Facebook, once again, a powerful social and aggregation tool.


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