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Fiat Nuova 500 wins the coveted "Red Dot Award 2020"

These are days of great satisfaction at Fiat, where all the efforts made over the past few months have led to recognition of great importance. The brand is undergoing a profound renewal, starting with the essential themes that are then reflected in the individual products presented and marketed.

And it is precisely this breath of fresh air that has led one of the brand’s latest stars, the Fiat Nuova 500, to win the “Red Dot Award 2020”. This is an extremely important award, as coveted as it is significant of the new path taken by Fiat. But let’s rewind the tape and put this event in context.

“Red Dot Award 2020”: the ceremony and the award to Fiat

What is it about? The famous prize, which was established in 1955, is one of the most sought-after awards in the world in the field of industrial design. There are three categories, and in this case the one in question is “Design Concept”.

The ceremony, for the edition that fell in such a special year, took place in the unusual online mode: the award was therefore presented virtually, after the classic jury (international and made up of 21 world-class design professionals and lecturers) had debated and deliberated.

Why the New 500 triumphed

But what are the distinctive qualities of the New 500 that allowed it to beat the other cars competing for the award and win it? Fundamentally, it was the lines and essential concepts of the car’s design that made the difference.

A design that was conceived and subsequently drawn following guiding principles that are well known and particularly significant in a situation like the present: the authenticity and uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship, connected, however, with an eye to the future, with a car that is completely electric and always connected. A charismatic and ecological model, which nevertheless strongly refers to tradition.

So for the second year running Fiat has won the coveted prize, which in 2019 was awarded to the Fiat Centoventi concept. These are awards that certify, at all levels, the goodness and importance of the work of the entire FCA group. Mediability, as always, contributes to helping this Italian icon through its press review and analysis services.


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