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Forbes Italy selects the 100 most talented under 30: Acer is partner of the project

As every year, also in this first part of 2021 Forbes Italy has drawn up its exclusive ranking: a dream and a great honor for those who managed to be part of it, but inevitably also a starting point for the future. We are talking about the annual ranking of the hundred most talented under-30 Italians of the year.

A list that refers to various categories and areas in order to be able to tell the stories of the most promising young people in the round, in whichever thematic field they excel. Nicknamed the “leaders of tomorrow”, it is easy to understand how these young people still have plenty of time to improve and further improve, but at the same time they represent the most important pool of quality to cultivate for our country.

As mentioned, the “circle” includes talents from the most varied and diverse sectors: there are twenty categories in total, all united by the common goal of trying to build a better future. As every year, the hundred chosen will be supported and helped by leading Italian brands in their respective sectors: real leaders in each field of action. In the consumer technology sector, Acer Italia is partner of Forbes Italia for this ambitious and compelling project.

An enthusiasm around this partnership confirmed directly by Acer through an official statement. If the stated goal is on the one hand to increase the perception of the brand, on the other hand the ambition is to speak more and more to a new generation of professionals and young entrepreneurs, increasingly young: belonging precisely to that age group under 30 in which Acer believes enormously.

For Mediability it is a source of pride to continue to walk alongside a company that always looks to innovation and believes in the talent of young entrepreneurs as, once again, Acer has demonstrated. Mediability provides constant services of analysis, press review and realization, management and publication of press releases related to its activities.


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