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Francis Ford Coppola's letter to Italy

On 7 April, the famous Italian-American director Francis Ford Coppola celebrated his 81st birthday in an unusual way. The director, who has always been very attached to his origins, lent his voice to a video dedicated to Italy, which was then published on Fiat’s social pages.

A gift for his home country, which is going through a very difficult time.

In the video, created in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in the United States and the #WeareItaly campaign, the director salutes the land of his grandparents and urges the country to hold on and trust in the future. In the meantime, poetic images of Italy flow by, with photographs of landscapes, people and, of course, the cars that have characterised Italy’s history. In the background, the soundtrack “Italian Spirit” created for the occasion by composer Flavio Ibba.

The “Letter of Hope” written and read by the director is once again a symbol of the great attention that FCA is paying to the situation and to the entire Italian community, even from overseas.

“Hello Italy

It’s a bad time, huh?

Of course the moment is difficult

But we’ve already faced many hard times.

You know what, what kept us going was our energy

Our determination to face and embrace the unknown.

Now, this hopeful spirit that never breaks,

Becomes our greatest ally.

Today more than ever.

From Little Italy to Greater Italy.

We are with you.

With Love.”


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