Garage Italia Customs and Italian Independent

19 March 2018

Inspiration, fantasy, imagination and courage: these are the characteristics that distinguish Garage Italia Customs and Italian Independent, whose products bear the disruptive imprint of Lapo Elkann. We like the fact that the Elkann brands reveal the uniqueness of everything: a car, a pair of sunglasses, a watch, everything can become unique, and to do this you have to pour your uniqueness, your character, your passions, your point of view, always!

Mediability team takes care of the press review and its analysis for Garage Italia, a new, fresh brand that we are sure will go far.

It is a pleasure to read about Italian excellence that brings the elegance and resourcefulness of Made in Italy to the world.

Specifically, Garage Italia and Lapo Elkann appear in the most important Italian and international media with articles highlighting the brand’s high quality level and great innovative drive.

Every morning the press review department delivers to the client a complete report of the media that have mentioned the brand or the managers. The articles are then read by the analysis team, which assigns an economic value to them, differentiates them according to the subject matter, and indicates how many contacts each article has generated.

We are happy and proud to be able to analyse a brand like Garage Italia Customs, because we love its strength, its unconventionality, we love its uniqueness… and somehow it helps us to bring out our own!

Garage Italia Customs e Italian Independent
Garage Italia Customs e Italian Independent