German Institute of Quality: Acer Service Awards

10 January 2022

Acer, one of the leading ITC companies in the world, is the only one in Italy to have an in-house customer service. This pre and post purchase assistance is one of the company’s strengths. A service able to provide quickly, relying on the experience of specialized technicians, high standards of support for the potential buyer or owner of a product signed Acer.

Not surprisingly, Acer was awarded by the German Institute of Quality, Europe’s leading organization conducting market surveys of companies active in various sectors, with two seals of quality in the “Service Champions 2022” survey. Acer thus won first place in the category Top Service Desktop1 and, remaining on the podium, also the bronze medal in the category Top Service Notebook.

Diego Sala, Acer Country Service Manager for Italy, Greece and Malta, commented on the awards: “We are very proud of the awards that the German Institute of Quality has given us […] Offering an effective and quick repair, but also being able to propose value-added solutions such as replacing the hard disk with an SSD memory, are for us a way to take care of our customers throughout the entire experience of using an Acer device. Approximately 60% of our work consists of servicing consumer customers, with the remaining 40% dedicated to business customers, while by product type, we do the most work on notebooks, followed by desktops, monitors, Chromebooks and – to a lesser extent – other devices. This reflects, also at a historical level, Acer’s offer on the Italian market.”

Acer has, in fact, different ways of contact to provide assistance to both consumers, who have the opportunity to speak directly with experts through the call center, accessible via phone, email or chat, or by opening a warranty ticket on the Acer website, and business customers with the program “Acer Reliability Promise”.

Mediability is increasingly proud to stand by the side of an industry leader and so globally recognized, managing the communication of its products and services for years.