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Helbiz at EICMA for the first time, world preview of two new products: HELBIZ ONE-S and HELBIZ S1-X

Yesterday, November 28, ended the 2021 edition of EICMA (International Bicycle, Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition) in which Helbiz participated for the first time this year. The leading company in micro-mobility has chosen the largest and most important exhibition dedicated to the world of two wheels to present a preview to the press and the public, two important innovations that will mark a turning point in the world of electric mobility.

Helbiz One-S and Helbiz S1-X, these are the names of the two newcomers in the house Helbiz, are two electric scooters different from each other in style, conformation and especially intended use. Helbiz One-S follows in the footsteps of the previous model Helbiz One, the first electric scooter Helbiz intended for sale, but unlike the previous one, this last model will be intended for sharing, hence the name One-S: One for the range and S for sharing.

It stands out for its clean design, 100% made in Italy, and functional: the frame follows specific and linear geometries thanks to the presence of lights, arrows and cables completely integrated in the body; the enlarged and longer footboard improves instead the position and the driving comfort with an eye to safety. Equipped with double suspension, puncture-proof tires and dual disc brakes, Helbiz One-S puts the driver’s safety first, as always, without ever neglecting sustainability which, in this model, is given above all by the regenerative electronic brake. Innovative in every way, the latest Helbiz is equipped with the latest generation IoT system, dual cameras, front and rear, and PathPilot technology, born thanks to the partnership with Drover AI, which helps the driver to monitor and adjust speed according to the path on which he is, to ensure greater safety for users and pedestrians.

Helbiz S1-X was born instead to compete in the first eSC world championship, the world championship of electric scooters. Designed, engineered and developed by YCOM, one of the leading companies in the Italian Motor Valley, the S1-X is equipped with Formula 1 technologies. The frame is made of aluminum and carbon fiber, lightweight materials that guarantee speed, while all aerodynamic parts of the vehicle are produced with a new 100% recyclable natural fiber, underlining Helbiz’s commitment to sustainability. The hallmark of the scooter destined for the eSkootr championship is undoubtedly speed: the dual electric motor mounted on both wheels produces up to 12kW and allows acceleration of over 100km/h, the racing tires with different compounds allow the rider to reach bending angles of over 45°. Just like in Formula 1 and in all the other speed championships, the watchword is safety: all the vehicles and racing clothes are equipped with the most innovative technologies to protect the driver.

Also present at the reveal were Kahlil Beschir, COO of eSkootr Championship, and Gianmaria Gabbiani, Team Manager of Helbiz Racing Team, who explained the program of the championship that in 2022 will give life to breathtaking races on city circuits around the world.

Not only speed: to cheer up the visitors of EICMA there was also Carolina Stramare, Miss Italy 2019 as well as the face of Helbiz Live, Helbiz multimedia platform dedicated to sports entertainment that includes, among others, the American National Football League and the Italian Football Championship Serie B. The presenter spent the day of Sunday, November 28 at Helbiz stand, welcoming visitors and fans with the style and beauty that distinguish her.

It is with great pride that Mediability, which takes care of the Helbiz press office, has supported this innovative and revolutionary company in its debut at Eicma, following in particular the relations with journalists, the press conference and the interviews that followed, the sending of material to the press and finally the press review of the event.



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