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Helbiz Kitchen: the partnership with San Pellegrino and Zuanon starts, in the sign of quality

Helbiz, the leader in micro-mobility and the first in its sector to be listed on Nasdaq, continues to grow in various sectors; a few months ago it launched the Helbiz Kitchen business unit, a ghost kitchen specializing in quality food delivery. A unique service of its kind that, starting from the heart of the city of Milan, deals with the preparation and home delivery of six different gastronomic specialties (poke, pizza, salads, burgers, sushi and ice cream), guaranteeing speed and excellence in a single transaction and delivery.

The focus is on sustainability and quality, two watchwords that Helbiz never gives up in every project it undertakes. The concept of sustainability starts from the kitchen, where there are 100% electric tools for preparation and packaging made of recycled and recyclable materials, and continues with the delivery service, which is carried out using electric vehicles Helbiz branded. The quality is already tangible in the mode of delivery: at the intercom, in fact, will not knock a rider, but a “butler“, a real butler ready to tell in detail the particularities of the dishes ordered. Quality that can then be tasted in the chosen dishes, born from collaborations with important names in the national and international culinary scene, such as Alberto Marchetti, king of ice cream, present with a laboratory inside the Helbiz Kitchen, up to the most recent partnerships with the Sanpellegrino Group and the Zuanon company.

The partnership with Sanpellegrino, an icon not only of quality but also of style, culture and Italian art in the world, allows Helbiz Kitchen customers to choose for their orders two of the best waters on the market: Acqua Panna and S. Pellegrino. A collaboration that brings quality also in the sphere of beverages, essential for the success of a lunch or dinner.

Another new and important collaboration is the one with Giovanni Zuanon, flag of sustainability in the production chain of meat for the preparation of burgers. A 100% Italian supply chain, from breeding to meat preparation: Zuanon is in fact a supporter of fast food as a revisited and healthy service, attentive to quality and sustainability. Its innovative supply chain, from breeding to the contact with the consumer, which takes place directly, perfectly matches the philosophy of Helbiz Kitchen.

It is a source of pride for Mediability to work alongside a client that firmly believes in innovation, taking care of the Press Office and the Press Review, and that every day offers new ideas to improve the lifestyle and the quality of the environment that surrounds us.



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