Helbiz Live introduced: Mediability participating, supporting this new reality

12 July 2021

The last few weeks have seen a brand stand out as a major protagonist of the moment, in terms of growth and expansion in multiple sectors interconnected to that of origin. We’re talking about Helbiz, an Italian-American company and leader in urban micro-mobility.

A focus on safe and sustainable transport that is being integrated with issues related to the evolution of modern life, for which there is no shortage of announcements and presentations in grand style. This is what happened on Monday, July 5, at the event held in Milan. In front of the press, the ambitious Italo-American company presented Helbiz Live: the streaming platform that will broadcast all the matches of the Serie B championship.

After the announcement, arrived in June, now the project has been officially presented in its details. Helbiz Live has obtained the rights to broadcast the entire Serie B championship for the next three seasons: up to 390 games per season – divided between regular season, playoffs and playouts – accessible through any media (PC, smartphone, Smart TV, Tablet).

The event was presented in the presence of Mauro Balata, President of Lega di Serie B, and Adriano Galliani, Vice President of Lega di Serie B; special guest also Jonathan Kashanian. The conference was also an opportunity to present Carolina Stramare, winner of the 80th edition of Miss Italy (2019), new presenter of Helbiz Live.

Mediability participated in the organization of the event, working on its realization and supporting the Helbiz Live team.