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Horizon Automotive and Facile.it: a winning partnership begins

The year 2022 could not have started better for Horizon Automotive, the first mobility hub in Italy: the new year sees the realization of a new successful partnership with Facile.it, the first comparison website in Italy, for the complete management of long-term rental offers.

Horizon Automotive will be present on the Facile.it platform to best represent the formulas and the potential of long term rental, being able to count on three key elements: the availability of vehicles, also in prompt delivery, the best combination of service and price and the possibility of having a highly specialized staff, able to follow the customer at all stages of the process.

Thanks to this collaboration Horizon Automotive, strong also of the cooperation with the main groups at national level among which the Scarabel Group, Denicar and Autorigoldi, aims to increase its already consolidated business model and to approach the world of private and VAT registered customers.

Step by step, therefore, Horizon continues its expansion on the national territory, working side by side with the best players on the market. For Luca Cantoni, CEO of the Horizon Automotive group, the partnership with Facile.it is a source of pride and an ideal tool to introduce the private user to the vast technologies and cutting-edge services available to the company.

Mediabilty can only be proud to support an innovative and forward-looking company like Horizon in its Press Office and Press Review activities.


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