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How best to advertise a restaurant to ensure its long-term success

As time goes by, the restaurant industry has become increasingly competitive and to be successful in this now battlefield, you really have to go all out. Knowing how to cook is important, there is no doubt about it, but are we really sure that it is enough to guarantee long-term success and stability? Nowadays, pizzerias and restaurants have become real businesses and as such they need entrepreneurial strategies more than ever. In order to grow your business, you need a structured and coherent marketing plan, together with an effective communication strategy to give your restaurant the right value. And let’s not forget that up-to-date communication is essential to attract more customers efficiently and without wasting too much money.

There are basically two ways forward: traditional advertising and digital. It is now generally accepted that digital is the trend of the moment, although traditional methods such as brochures and flyers are not completely out of the question. The key is to understand and get to know your target audience and, consequently, to tap into this market segment and be found in the channels they use. It is vital to understand the people you want to attract, to stimulate their curiosity, but above all to give them a reason to continue choosing your restaurant.

Consumption and eating styles have changed considerably in recent years, which is why new customers need a different approach than in the past. Making use of an intelligent presence on social networks and the internet in general is the right key to doing this.

Today, the communication of a restaurant or pizzeria has evolved, as have the needs of customers who always want to know more and sooner. Consumers are finding out who you are, what you offer, they want to hear the opinions of other customers even if they are not real experts in the field. In this regard, social channels are an indispensable opportunity for dialogue and interaction, a perfect tool for showing off but also for providing useful services and information. Also because communicating your absence is tantamount to leaving more space for your competitors.

Evaluating customers, as well as taking care of feedback, social media presence, and monitoring one’s own communication activity, are all very important aspects of advertising a restaurant and growing its clientele, and Mediability knows this very well! And it is precisely for this reason that the company, which is an expert in the field of communication, offers services tailored to every customer need, in order to deliver a truly personalised and consultative service.

Here are some useful tips that Mediability offers for the communication success of your restaurant:

  1. Logo: it may seem trivial, but it is of vital importance to be recognised and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Mediability supports your company in the construction of a coherent and convincing image through the analysis and definition of the identifying communication tools: logo design, naming, visual identity and coordinated image.
  2. Website: like any kind of business, a restaurant needs a functional website and it is essential to monitor its progress. For this reason, Mediability offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services. The former consists of all those activities carried out by our search engine professionals in order to improve the positioning of the pages of a website on the pages of the organic results returned by the search engines in correspondence with the keywords considered most strategic; the latter, on the other hand, indicates the set of web marketing activities carried out to increase the visibility and traceability of a website through the search engines, also assessing the returns of the individual actions with special web analysis tools.
  3. High-quality photos: using mouth-watering photos of your dishes can make all the difference. Mediabillity takes care of photo reportages and advertising services for every need.
  4. Social media: A presence on social media has become a must, especially in the restaurant sector. But being present is not enough. In a space as vast as social media, it is necessary to stand out in order to make one’s voice heard. Mediability’s team of social media specialists will advise you on which social channels to monitor and will analyse your brand in order to devise the most appropriate strategy for success. In addition, they will take care of your graphic and textual content at 360°, periodically sharing detailed reports that will allow you to constantly monitor the progress of your visibility on social channels.
  5. Eventi: events arouse curiosity, attract people… Why not create an event and sponsor it? We can take care of every step of the way! What’s more, if in the run-up to the event (or after its success) the restaurant is mentioned in a newspaper, an online magazine… or even a blog, you’ll know about it! Mediability offers a complete, accurate and real-time press review, so you won’t miss a single word of what they write about you!

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