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How does Media Monitoring Analysis work?

The analysis of media data is a fundamental tool to better understand the direction in which a company’s image is going in the market in which it operates, as well as to identify possible communication cues and opportunities and possibly correct inadequate ones.

In order to carry out a proper data analysis it is inevitable, first of all, to realise the objectives of a company, in order to carry out a proper research of articles published by all types of media (press, TV, radio, social and web).

Specifically, the analysis checks the number of articles dealing with a specific topic related to the client company; it identifies which newspapers, websites or programmes deal with the requested topics; and finally, it organises the results into customised press review files.

The work can be of two types: the quantitative analysis provides the number of articles related to the agreed topic and their economic value. Each article in fact produces an ‘AVE’ (advertising equivalent value), i.e. the value of the article in terms of advertising return. In simple terms: how much would I have had to pay if I had bought the same space occupied by the article to place an advertisement in that newspaper? Consequently, the more important (and popular) a newspaper is, the higher the AVE will be. This value is now considered to be the method of evaluation for the PR of many companies, especially multinationals.

Qualitative analysis, on the other hand, is more in-depth: the monitored company has to explain to the analyst all the aspects it has to detect in each single issue. These can be the editorial tone (positive, neutral or negative), the visibility of the article (whether optimal, partial or poor) and any other requirements of the client. It goes without saying that, in this case, the analyst’s job is even more important: he has to monitor each issue and give an objective assessment to the articles.

The “list” value is the one that is automatically assigned, but Mediability is also able to produce more refined valuations, which take into account kpi, presence of photos, editorial tone and evaluation of PR work. That’s why Mediability is the choice of more and more companies who need to monitor their outputs. Contact us to find out more!


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