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How to create an appropriate advertising campaign for your company through social media

If you have noticed a reduction in the organic reach of social media, here are some useful tips

The best way to avoid a decline in the organic reach of your social media is to involve consumers in the creation of the content. You may be wondering why, but the answer is simple: social media prioritises content shared by people.

We assume that all companies need a solid social media advertising strategy, as advertising investments also help to increase organic coverage. In fact, paid advertising increases the number of followers on one’s accounts and helps to reach an audience like one’s customers.

In this article, we explain how to create an effective social media advertising campaign:

  • Know your audience

What problems can your customers solve using your products or services? How then do you know your audience? The management platform of your social channels will show you all this data. But to deepen this knowledge even further, there are other methods that allow you to do this, such as interviewing your customers, asking them why they decided to buy your products, etc., or creating an advertising campaign with user-generated content, i.e., asking your audience to post pictures while they are using your products.

  • Design the ad content

The next step is to design the ad content. Facebook nowadays is the social platform that provides the widest choice of formats. The key thing is that your ad campaign must appeal to your target group.

  • Plan an advertising flow

An effective social media advertising plan moves the audience from awareness and interest to desire and action.

  • Create target audience groups

Use social channels to create customised audience segments. Facebook and Instagram are the most advanced channels, in fact Facebook itself introduces new features weekly. On LinkedIn, for example, the advice is to target ads according to skills, as it is something a LinkedIn user can add to their profile. Twitter allows you to try ‘follower look alikes’, i.e., it allows you to target followers of specific accounts that are related to your company.

If you are interested and want to learn more about this topic, we at Mediability are here to help you. If you want to grow your business, rely on Mediability and we will take pride in advancing your goals in the most effective and secure way possible.


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