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How to make a book successful through media monitoring

Although it is thought that digital has displaced paper, the truth is that reading newspapers and paper books is becoming increasingly popular again.

The appearance of the tangible book has therefore endured in the battle against the e-book, but despite this it is very important nowadays to monitor the media in the publishing sector, focusing in detail on authors and publishers.

To facilitate, for example, a publishing house in launching a new book, several moments are monitored:

  • The announcement of the book launch

Launching a new book in the field of publishing and being successful requires first of all a good advertising campaign, which allows the product to be known and awaited by the public since before its launch.

Not only is the sending of press releases very useful, but also the analysis of the articles following the announcement, to understand how the industry is reacting to the news of the publication.

  • The book presentation event

When the time comes for the actual launch of the product, the desired visibility is also increased by organising a major presentation event and giving clear and consistent interviews by the author.

  • Readers’ feedback

The phase following the release of the book is the one that will in many cases determine its success or failure. The book will obviously be subjected to analysis by experienced journalists or amateur readers. Also in this phase, it is very important that a 360˚ monitoring takes place, not only in newspapers but also on online platforms such as blogs and social networks.

The launch of a book, like that of any other product, is a very delicate moment in which it is necessary to monitor every mention and opinion about it.

The work must necessarily be well planned and adapted to the different needs of each company. For this reason it is essential to turn to professionals in the sector such as the Mediability team, which not only offers comprehensive press reviews for national and multinational companies, but is also present in the field of event organisation and advertising.

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