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Inclusive Marketing is the new black

The society in which we live is now increasingly being confronted with issues such as awareness, attention to the rights of all social groups, mobilization, and the common need to value all the nuances of which our reality is made up is finally evident.

The importance of these issues has also prompted brands to embrace a new way of communicating. We are talking about inclusive marketing, whose goal is to create communication strategies and content that address the diverse identities present in our society. Indeed, in order for many more consumers to connect with brands, it is necessary to move away from “standard” communication: inclusivity, diversity and attention to social issues are a “must do.”

Beyond diversity, truly inclusive marketing can enhance the stories and voices of people who are typically marginalized or underrepresented, deepen connections with customers to highlight their struggles through one’s brand, and thus influence positive social change.

In a study conducted by Microsoft, it appears that 70 percent of GenZ consumers say they place more trust in brands capable of representing diversity in their ads-the diversity mix is also a real asset for marketing.

But how have major brands chosen to celebrate it? In this context, one market of great prominence is the apparel market. Indeed, today inclusivity is also reflected in the fashion industry, which is increasingly abandoning the canonical standards of models on the runway.

Prime examples are Louis Vuitton and Fendace: the former through the inclusion of disability on its catwalks; the latter by proudly celebrating new physicalities through models closer to reality. We could name many others as, although there is still a long way to go, inclusivity is transforming-unfortunately-from exception to custom.

For how can we forget Barbie, one of the world’s best-selling dolls, who, in order to allow as many people as possible to mirror her brand, took on multiple physical forms, various skin tones and aspects of disability.

There are many ways in which brands choose to celebrate inclusivity, but one is the goal: to bring diversity closer together by creating equality and inclusion.


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