Instagram removes the likes number: here’s the news in the latest social update

20 September 2019

How many of us have happened in recent weeks to no longer be able to see the number of likes obtained by a photo shared on the most popular social network of the moment? Well, yes: Instagram, since the last update of the application, it seems that it no longer allows you to view the total number of ‘likes’ reached by a post, but it will still be possible for the administrators of a specific profile to continue to monitor the likes received by their content.

The challenge, launched by Tara Hopkins, Instagram’s Head of Policy EMA, started in Canada and is slowly spreading to social platforms around the world. The reason for this choice? The main objective is to protect users’ privacy as much as possible, even though we are still talking about a sharing platform, where it is not easy to remain unnoticed. Regardless of the number of likes visible or not, the private life of many ‘igers’ is laid bare, sharing, through the voluntary publication of photos and stories, images of their homes, scenes from daily life and personal information that influence many followers.

Moreover, it will not be the influencers with a capital ‘I’, who use their Instagram profile mainly as a source of income through collaborations and sponsorships, who will be affected by this change. This will mainly be the case for those obsessed with getting a certain number of likes at all costs, often represented by people who use the platform purely for fun, such as younger people. Influencers seek to increase their number of followers, who will be less conditioned by the number of likes of the photos of followers, of whom they are often fans, to decide whether or not to continue to follow them and take their lead. An influencer of a certain level would continue to have a following even without an exaggerated number of likes on Instagram, thanks also to external collaborations and events promoted by certain brands. So Instagram’s decision to black out the number of likes would not be to the detriment of the most influential people on the web.

The company therefore decided to take this measure, after examining the possible consequences, both positive and negative. Temporary or long-term? This is difficult to predict, we will wait for the outcome to get feedback from this ‘social revolution’.

Another result will be that there will be fewer competitors, as it will not be possible to compare the number of likes received. In fact, this seems to be one of the many objectives set by Instagram to achieve a platform without competition.

In conclusion, it will be a change in the approach to the application for “Instagram addicts”, but that will not compromise the basic functions of the latter, such as how to publish posts, comments, but above all the ability to leave a like for a piece of content we like.

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