IVECO joins forces with Honda to create S-WAY: here are all the details

21 September 2020

A new union has been born between two leading groups in their respective sectors: IVECO and the Repsol Honda MotoGP team. The IVECO S-WAY truck, in fact, will be completely branded for the occasion with the iconic colours of the most successful team in the history of MotoGP. And it will accompany it throughout Europe for the next two racing seasons.

The partnership stems from the MotoGP team’s need for reliable, efficient and high-performance transport. Why? To provide the right support to the team in transporting equipment, spare parts and tools. But that’s not all: the IVECO S-WAY trucks will also transport the caravans that will be used as offices or rest areas by riders and technicians during the 14 races remaining in the championship.

Una visuale dall’alto della nuova IVECO S-WAY

Partnership and strengths

The new S-WAYs are among the most advanced heavy-duty trucks on the road. The cab design has been completely revolutionised and designed to meet all the drivers’ needs. A change to a product with more space, more ergonomics and, in general, a better driving experience. Above all, the vehicle is able to optimise aerodynamics, saving up to 4% of fuel.

This truck has been designed with performance, sustainability and innovation in mind. Iveco S-WAY is equipped with Connectivity Box, a cloud platform developed in collaboration with Microsoft. This allows data to be collected, processed, sent and received in real time. A process that allows constant contact with the Control Room, from which the vehicle’s data is monitored, and consequently remote diagnostic or server update operations.

IVECO S-WAY, nata dalla collaborazione tra due icone

The advantages brought by IVECO S-WAY

Such an advanced connectivity system can significantly reduce maintenance time, and even anticipate the needs of the vehicle. This is of vital importance in the Repsol Honda team’s travels, as it also reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Once again, IVECO is not just offering a single product, but an integrated solution for all its customers’ needs. Maximising uptime and minimising costs. Iveco, which can boast a long tradition of partnership with the world of MotoGP, shares with Repsol Honda a passion for the development of new technologies and the continuous search for maximum efficiency.

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