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Jeep presents Renegade and Compass 4xe: an electrically powered hybrid future

The future at Jeep will be increasingly linked to hybrid and electric themes. These are the directives of the automotive giant and this is also what clearly emerges from the online press conference that Jeep organised for the presentation of the next two new models: Jeep Renegade 4xe and Jeep Compass 4xe. Two cars born under the sign of Plug-In-Hybrid and totally innovative.

The presentation press conference was packed with news and witnesses, including three personalities: Antonella Bruno (new Head of Jeep Brand EMEA), Marco Pigozzi (Jeep Brand Emea Product Marketing Director) and Francesco Cimmino (Propulsion System Global Chief Engineer Renegade and Compass 4xe).

New Jeep 4xe range: the presentation

There are many themes, but the core of the discussion is clear: Jeep has chosen to enter a new phase in its history. These two models inaugurate a path that will lead to the electrification of the entire Jeep range by 2022. A path that aims at efficiency and respect for the environment, without losing its off-road and adventurous style.

What emerges, then, is the desire to create a new generation of vehicles that combines the best features of the two main models in the name of electrification: on the one hand, the zero emissions of the Plug-In hybrid’s electric mode, and on the other, the safety that 4×4 guarantees on all terrain. The name Jeep has decided to give to this exclusive combination is 4xe.

It is an electrification model designed to bring a whole range of benefits to customers in terms of efficiency, performance and responsibility. This is where the lowest fuel consumption ever, all-weather safety, environmental awareness and low running costs come in.

Renegade and Compass 4xe features and specifications

The same philosophy, on two parallel lines. But what are the distinctive features of the new 4xe models? The ideal line is to follow the philosophy that “Jeep is not driven, it is lived” and thus to reinforce the values that have always distinguished this brand: freedom, adventure, authenticity and passion. So as to offer the best of three worlds: on the road, off the road and in the city.

On a material level, however, the 4xe system is based on various components and features: hybrid propulsion, high-efficiency batteries, the possibility of full-electric travel, immediately available torque, and a 130 or 140 hp turbocharged 1.3 4-cylinder petrol engine from the Global Small Engine family.

Then there is the e-axle electric motor integrated in a speed reducer with differential with 60 horsepower and 250 newton metres of torque and the lithium ion battery pack positioned in the centre of the car in a protected position under the floor. The entire process is supervised by the Hybrid Control Processor.

Once in the car, it can be controlled by touch; autonomy is about 50 km while maximum speed in full electric 130 km/h. Everything has been conceived as an integrated ecosystem that guarantees simplicity and immediacy of use, to accompany the customer into the world of electrification and at the same time guarantee improved fun and performance.

Hybrids are always a challenge, but this project starts from the advantages of electric power: zero local emissions, absolutely silent, significant energy recovery during deceleration, instantaneous and well-controlled torque delivery, low energy cost. And to this basis it combines the advantages of an internal combustion engine: longer range, widespread refuelling network, possibility of recovering battery charge on the move.

How to manage your electrics: recharging, remote apps and testing

These new models will be equipped with various functions that measure the car’s electricity consumption and use, emissions and charging, and optimise its specification and performance. But the innovation is not just about the car itself: everything around it is also involved. To recharge it while stationary, we can leave it connected to an Easy Wallbox. With the MyEasyCharge function it will be possible to locate the nearest charging station in the city.

The possibility of paying without cash via the app is also very useful, but the remote control is revolutionary: with the e-control function you can program your preferred days and times, but also check all the car’s statistics (including the charge, but also for example the switching on of the air conditioner and so on) via the mobile app. In this way, it is possible to travel almost the entire journey in 100% electric mode, completely free of emissions.

The two models will soon be on the international market. In the meantime, Jeep is organising a calendar of different and spaced-out meetings for all countries so that those interested can get behind the wheel of the two cars very soon. The 4xe version is in fact produced at the Melfi plant, but for export purposes.

However, this choice allows Jeep to become increasingly Italian: more than 80% of the world’s cars will be produced in Italy. Melfi is a unique example in the world of how efficiency, innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand. Great attention is paid to the environmental aspect: the Melfi plant reuses 100% of the processing water, sends 0 waste to landfill and in the last 10 years has reduced CO2 emissions per vehicle by 2/3.

Mediability, which has always been at the side of the FCA Group, is pleased to have handled the analysis of the press review for this important event, once again giving voice to the needs of PR.


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