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Knowing how to write is not enough to be a copywriter

The copywriter is an increasingly in-demand figure in the business world, in the digital sphere and beyond.
But what exactly does he or she do? What are his or her goals?

First, let’s analyze the term. “Copywriter” is formed from two English-derived words: “copy,” meaning “text,” and “writer,” meaning “writer, the one who writes.” Therefore, it is the figure who is in charge of producing and writing texts of an advertising nature – or otherwise aiming at a certain type of “persuasion” – for various communication channels such as social media, websites, blogs, reports, e-mail marketing, videos and commercials but also texts for print materials such as catalogs, brochures and magazines.

However, it would not be correct to reduce its tasks and goals to simply writing text.
In fact, there are characteristics and parameters of writing that require specific expertise in developing sentences, through persuasive and creative techniques, in order to induce the reader to take a certain action such as a purchase. This type of activity does not entirely represent the work and figure of the copywriter.
In fact, it is good to keep in mind that there are a number of activities that precede the writing phase:

  • analysis of the product and/or service to be promoted;
  • analysis of the target market, through a careful and functional study of competitors;
  • analysis of the positioning of the brand you are working for and the message it needs to convey;
  • collaboration and organization with designers and creatives, in order to align on the integration of text with graphics, images or videos;


A long phase of research and strategic study then takes place, often supported by the work of a brand strategist and graphic designers.


Let’s take stock: what are the goals of a copywriter?

First and foremost, as we have said, a copywriter’s task is to come up with texts that are effective and succeed in certain functions, such as establishing contact with the audience, capturing their attention, conveying the message as clearly as possible, necessarily taking into account the empathy factor, and again, contributing to the creation of a brand reputation.
It should always be kept in mind that persuasion is not always and only aimed at buying, as we often tend to think, but aims at a much broader shortlist of objectives, faithfully taking into account the analysis carried out earlier.

In summary and in conclusion, copywriting is a complex and multifaceted job, which requires a thorough knowledge of persuasive mechanisms but also great empathy, functional writing skills and, therefore, an excellent command of language. In Mediability, we put at your service industry professionals with expertise and experience, precisely to make the most of your reality on all necessary channels.


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